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July 11, 2011 Wylder had two hernia’s repaired, Broviac placement, PICC line removal and GJ Replacement.  All procedures were outpatient at PCH.

On the Road Again


Another big change for our Warrior, unfortunately not for the better.  Wylder had another very rough night … his fever spiked to 104.8 and his heart rate was in the 150’s and 160’s even with all the medicines and when he appeared somewhat relaxed.  It was evident that his body was working very hard.  Around […]



I could come up with no better title for today’s blog other than WOW.  Things really changed around here overnight for Wylder.  The Warrior’s flips and flops have always been quick … but this one really caught us off guard.  He had a very restlesss night last night and was vomiting and coughing a horrible cough.  I guess that […]

Up Up and Away


All good news to report on how Wylder is feeling this week … hip hip hurrah!  We stopped the antibiotic after only two rounds as it was causing tummy upset … but we have continued forward with pulmonary cocktails (8 breathing treatments a day).  The junky-ness in his throat still comes and goes, but the breathing treatments do seem […]


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax I though I would start today’s blog off with this OH SO TRUE quote.  I was reminded of this yesterday (once again) with another successful blood transfusion for our Warrior. We talk about blood transfusions like […]

A Well Oiled Machine


Have to start this blog with the BEST news … 6 smiles from Wylder yesterday ….YEAH!  Our enitre house lights up when he shares those.  So happy he is feeling better and back on his basline regiment.  Speaking of baseline regiment … We have what we refer to as restock Tuesday’s at our house.  This […]

Flip-a de-Flop


Okay, so I spoke a bit too soon.  Although pain episodes continue to be gone at this point … what a rough sunday, sunday night and monday morning for Warrior Wylder.  He flipped on a dime again … soooo Warrior Style.  Loads of gags, chokes and projectiles … and even a fever this morning and high […]

Fighting Little Something Something


A sleepy note from Warrior Wylder James today … who is getting plenty of zzzz’s under the sun outback today.  Those baby brown legs are getting browner by the minute.  We had an appointment this morning with Wylder’s Geneticist Dr. Aleck … but we canceled last minute.  Given the ups and downs this week has […]

UP’S and downs


The roller coaster of love continues.  Wylder’s day on Sunday was a definite case of the blues.  The poor little darling had a lot of pain throughout the day and our walk even got cut short because of it.  Walks and being outdoors is usually the Warrior’s best thing.  The origin of the pain is […]



I am so happy to report that so far things are going better then expected … big sigh of relief for today.  We are comforted by the fact that Wylder is becoming more interactive again and the blank stare is leaving his sweet face.  He has been though  a LOT in his 36hrs here at […]

Wind In His Hair


Good Monday All!  Wylder still has some signs and symptoms of a little cold.  Definitely seems more viral though … vs. infection-like??!!  That is not a big surprise seeing how low his white blood cell count has stayed … he is very susceptible to anything.  I did chat with gal pal Dr. Gerlach though, to confirm […]



It’s Saturday … YEAH!  We just love the weekends.  I know that sounds silly … we are always home and are days are so similar to weekend days … but just the fact that it’s a weekend, it always feels more relaxed … hurrah!  Wylder woke up with a few cold like symptoms that I am hoping are […]

Scottsdale Shea


The last week of September 2011 Wylder ened up at Scottsdale Shea Medical Hospital with a broviac line infection.  He left the hospital after 1 week with a clean culture and a heavy dose of anitbiotics.  We are grateful it did not affect his VA shunt.  

Final Pitch


By far the best news to report is that Wylder was much more himself today. YEAH YEAH YEAH.  He was tracking toys and balloons in his room and enjoyed all his books.  He was looking right at me during our snuggle time today.  He enjoyed a trip to the courtyard with Mommy and got a bit […]

Teeter Totter


Teeter totter … the best way to sum up today so far.  Where shall I begin?  Good news is the blood culture from yesterday and this morning have not grown anything so far.  This is HUGE … it means the antibiotic fighting the line infection is doing it’s job.  Wylder continues to have no fever and […]



Thank you all for your most amazing notes to our family today … you all really lifted our spirits!  Wylder is much more comfortable today.  The fever is staying away and heart rate is “normal”.  He also had another successful blood transfusion … so his coloring and blood counts are much improved.  The Warrior is […]



Just as we were beginning to put our guard down a bit …. Wylder spiked a fever last night around 10pm.  We were up with him with cool rags, tylenol and room temp baths.  We seemed to manage it over night … but in the morning he just looked like he felt so darn yucky!  […]

Sugar Coat


I think Mr. Wylder James is doing a-okay.  He had a great day at the house today which included a much needed haircut from momma.  Very debonair my friends.  He also had a much needed dressing change for his new Broviac … which is healing beautifully.  He really looked like he was feeling good.    […]

He Did it Again


Current Definition of Warrior:  “a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage…” better more exact definition  should just say:  “Wylder James Laffoon” Well he did it again!  Came through like a rock star.  We decided to move forward with the surgeries.  Dr. Maze said he did wonderfully under anesthesia and Dr. Notrica said […]



Well, Haboob is officially our new favorite family word.  I said it to Wylder about 20 times today in hopes of a small smile.  The “haboob’s” of our week; Sunday’s Haboob-  Wylder’s G-J tube is held in place by a small balloon and on Sunday the balloon failed.  This made the G-J a dud and […]

Wylder’s Journey


Click on Each of the Photos to learn about Wylder’s Journey From his first hospitalization to his memorial at sea July, 2012. Click here to watch ‘REMEMBERING A WARRIOR VIDEO” To read Wylder’s entire medical journey from his birth to being laid to rest at sea, click here;  MedJourneyWJL FIRST HOSPITAL STAY (3 months old) LIVER BIOPSY […]