Shark Diver

I thought it would be nice to share something very fun with you this black Friday/post holiday weekend.  For those of you that did not read the past post about where we first heard the name Wylder/Wilder you may need to do a bit of catching up.  You can read the old post here

After writing the above post Steven and I decided to reach out and find this family and see if we could touch base with them.  We thought it would be nice to share that our Wylder in some small way was connected to their Wilder.  We new it was a long shot, and figuered it was a no harm no foul reach out.  Well, we quickly learned that we had just reached out to a VERY special family … a very very special family.  Much to our excitement they got back in touch with us and we exchanged some fun stories and got to know one another a bit.  They (the parents) decided to share our Wylder’s story with their Wilder … and he was touched to learn about a Warrior.  We learned that their Wilder was going to be doing a documentary film about himself and just a few days after learning about our Wylder said to his parents … “I will be thinking about little Wylder while filming this film”.  What a sweet sweet boy.  So this weekend we got a surprise sneak peek at Wilder’s documentary and they said we can share it with all of you!!  YIPPEE.  There is something SO amazing about this kiddo Wilder.  ( click on the photo below)

Someday Steven and I would like to go to South Africa, meet this amazing family and maybe even get in the cage and great white shark dive,  why not?  Hope you are all enjoying your weekend with your families and get a kick out of this video of Wilderthe youngest shark diver in the world .  Missing you Wylder James, as always … I think you are a surfer boy/shark diver in sprirt.  xoxo

hair contests between wylder’s??



  1. Oh my he is an adventurous cutie! I will have to show this to my 10 yr old she will fall in love:).

  2. what a precious little boy and the perfect person to borrow Wylder’s name from:) I love it and I am so glad you got to connect with them. xoxo

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