We Made It

We made it!!  Steven and I are at our new temporary home away from home on the island of Nantucket.  The air is crispy and it feels like Christmas is right around the corner everywhere we go.  We received some amazing signs from Wylder before left (which I will share at a later date) … assuring us we were making the right decision to go.  We feel overwhelmed, excited, happy, sad, free and so much more.  The one thing we are certain of is that we are just where we are supposed to be at this moment, embracing life … and that Wylder is still very much with us.

It was an adventure to get here, which included separate flights and layovers and me in a full sprint to make the last flight to the island.  ha ha, that is a visual that really did happen.  Phew, made it!! We snuggled into our little cottage that is full of Nantucket charm and it’s right in town so everything is a hop skip and a jump. 

lots of whales in the cottage


we brought lots of picts of Wylder that we put all around


We are enjoying ourselves and each other very much …  I feel like we are having a mini-me version of ‘eat pray love’.  As we traveled up main street this afternoon we checked out all the Christmas trees decorated by the children on the island and even came across some quotes that hit home.  The island looks and is even more powerful and charming than I remember in my dreams. 

We are getting settled in and feel very blessed to be here.  We are looking forward to the weekend together and enjoying the Christmas Stroll which starts tomorrow.  I will send lots of pictures next week, but we plan to enjoy the ilsand  and  focus on each other while Steven is here for the next few days.  I have attached a link so you can see some of the activities we are going to be enjoying over the weekend.


We can breath.  Oh how that  salt water air makes a difference.  Much love.



  1. Sending you oodles of wishes and blessings for rest, healing and peace….you both deserve it…..and I’m so glad that Sweet Wylder is there with you, too……xoxoxox

  2. Adriana Klas says:

    Ahhh, how nice :) So excited for you both! I cannot wait to see more photos and hear more stories! Sending many hugs and kisses your way! XOXO

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    Love the view from your window! I just know this is going to be an awesome time for both of you. You are right about being just where you should be now. And of course there are whales in your cottage – Wylder wouldn’t have it any other way! :) xoxox

  4. awww, I love it! you are going to have a magical week together, enjoy each other and all of the Wylder signs, I love the whales. xoxo

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