Christmas Stroll

A picture is certainly worth a thousand words.  The Nantucket Christmas Stroll was amazing … you can really feel the magic of Christmas here on the island! 

We have a lot more photos coming … this town is so charming we cannot help but snap snap snap.  We made a little Grinch finger puppet tree for our cottage and have been thinking and feeling our Warrior every second.  Lots of love coming from us.


  1. Cathy Johnson says:

    Beautiful! You and Steven have a very special glow about you – you look very much at peace. I am so happy you have this time and this place to just be for a while. xoxoxo

  2. Peace and blessings to you both….what a magical place! Rest and enjoy each other. xoxoxo

  3. ok your cute white hat and coffee in hand made me want to hop on a plane and stroll with you! I am so happy you are doing this, what a beautiful way to just soak each other and Wylder up. I love you guys and I look everyday for more posts and pictures of your special time-thank you for sharing with us. xoxo

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