I Don’t Understand French, I’m a Christmas Tree :)

The Christmas Noel on Nantucket.  What we have been up too. 

Our first 24hours on Nantucket was just about exploring and getting our bearings.  Stopping in at the “stop and shop” to stock up on groceries, checking out the shops and cruising through town.   It is amazing to me how I have only been here one other time, almost 10 years ago, and how it hasn’t changed a bit.   It is exactly what I remember and have been dreaming about (yes, even the winter you skeptics you … tee hee).   Can you believe we haven’t even been in a car since we were taken to the airport Wednesday morning?  LOVE that. 


Friday night we went on a house tour and actuall got to go inside 7 historic homes here in town.  WOW, charm charm, charm.  Every nook and cranny of these homes has history.  The original hardwood floors creak with every step and every room has a wood burning fireplace.  They were decorated for Christmas and filled with visitors like us … so happy to be getting a little peek inside.  Proceeds from the event tickets went to the public schools here on island. 

an old barn convered into a home


origional floor boards


The Whaling Museum in town was turned into a “festival of trees” for this famous stroll weekend.  The town’s people, schools and retailers decorate trees to their liking and choir carolers echoed around all the halls.  Maybe next year we can get a Grinch tree for our Wylder?  Going around the museum we were also able to learn so much about the amazing history of this whaling town and the first to inhabit it.    

mini-grinch tree by school children

whale bones with hat and carolers

Saturday “The gray lady” showed herself as the overcast wet weather worked its way through town.  That did not stop the streets from becoming lined with people under umbrellas.  The townsman rung in the beginning of the Christmas stroll with a giant bell and then we all followed him down the cobble stoned streets to the Warf where Santa and Mrs. Claus were brought in by coastguard boat.  The kids where beaming.  Santa and Mrs. Clause got in a horse drawn carriage and strolled to the top of Main Street to the main Christmas tree.  The children all followed in their rain boots and on shoulders of their parents.  We could feel our Wylder with us just beaming with joy, even though there was some sadness in our hearts too.  We kept talking about home much he would have loved the bumpiness of the roads in his Wizard.  We could nearly feel his giggles.  The magic of Christmas was all around us.  There were carolers who voices carried down all the side streets.  Every time we passed them I got a huge lump in my throat … something about them was so special.  Steven couldn’t figure out quite what my deal was with them? (tee hee).  I was fa-clempt.    

window shopping


hand made florals on surfboard on car


The main Christmas tree at the top of cobbled Main Street turned into a magical talking tree on Saturday.  I have to tell you as soon as I heard the grumbled and grumpiness of this tree I not only had a giggle … but I had to start filming.  I knew something funny was going to happen.  I am so happy I did.  I caught this kid asking the grumpy talking Christmas tree a few questions (ha ha).  “Don’t you speak French?  …. No I don’t’ understand French … I am a Christmas tree”.  I was cracking up.  This video will have you rolling.

i dont’ understand french … i’m a christmas tree

We strolled.  Strolled through shops, met strangers, stopped for a hot tottie in the middle of the day and ate homemade clam chowder and sipped on lots of ciders.  Nantucket is the essence of community.  The town clock chimes every hour and people hear have a special charm factor about them. 

christmas horse

Saturday night we meet new friends (friends of our family) and ate a magnificent home cooked Christmas feast.  We felt like we were at home … home away from home.   Sunday we strolled to the beach and light houses and even had an early evening nap.

Monday we were trying to decide if we wanted to rent bikes or not.  As we approached the bike shop there was the Grinch. Sitting tall in the car in the shop, as though he was saying yep … you’ve come to the right spot.  So we rented bikes and it turned into another beyond great day.  Cruising on the bumping cobble stone streets, scoping out houses that are like compounds and heading up to the Cisco brewery for and island made beer.  We saw the farmland country side and even biked to Bartlett’s farm for their lunch specials.  YUM!!!  It was like an island whole foods.  It was heavenly.  It is amazing how much of the island you can see so quickly on bike. 


The weather has been amazing … mostly 50’s during the day and we certainly have been soaking it all up.  Steven is off the island now and home sweet home snuggling on Maddie.  He loved his first time here on the island and we loved our time together.  He did spend much of yesterday at Genzyme adn was escited about the day.  You can learn more about Genzym here  http://www.genzyme.com/


Now it is time for solitude and reflection.  Walks on the beach, Tai chi classes, reading writing and praying.  Much love and with hope always. xoxo

my fav tree on the island so far


  1. Thanks for sharing this part of your journey, Sweet Shannon…..I really enjoyed your pics…praying for your healing and peace, too. Yay to Steven going to Genzyme — he is the Warrior of all Daddies! Keep us posted on your stay! xoxoxox

  2. Cathy Johnson says:

    Beautiful pictures of a magical place. Thank you for continuing to share, Shannon – it is a joy to share your journey! xoxoxo

  3. Cari Gallo says:

    As always Shannon you write so beautifully it is as tho I am there. :) So many great adventures for the two of you and so glad you got to be in that magical place. :) Much love to you an Steven…let us know How Genzyme went.

  4. oh my goodness, you and steven are little love birds, i love it! I am glad for your together time and now your alone time. I cannot wait to hear more. thanks for all the pictures, Nantucket is going on our list. We have now had 5 HOT island Christmases in a row, it’s time for some hot chocolate and snow, maybe next year:) xoxo

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