Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

The event is planned!  Yep, Santa Claus is coming to town for HOPE KIDS in Valley.  Just a few days before Christmas on December 21st we are inviting approximately 20 Hope Kids’ families to Lons at the Hermosa Garden for a meet and greet with Kris Kringle.  Every child coming will get some one on one  time with Santa … which will include a photograph (by pogue photography) and some delishes cookies and milk.  Each family will go home with Wylder’s book “Warrior Baby”  and thanks to the “Believe in the Magic of Giving” challenge (aka. all of YOU). 

Mrs. Claus has now also decided to join in on the fun and will be coming to the event with Santa.  She will read Wylder’s book and a few Christmas stories to all the children.  It will be a simple and sweet evening that is hopefully full of lots of kiddos giggling. 

 Restoring Hope and Transforming Lives … that is what hope kids is all about.  

Hope Kids provides ongoing events & activities and a powerful, unique support community for families who have a life-threatening medical condition. We surround these remarkable children and their families with the message that hope can be a powerful medicine.  “There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as the expectation of something tomorrow.”  HOPE KIDS is such an amazing organization with director Bridget who has one of the biggest hearts I have ever known. 

We are hopeful this event will give this group of children some magic this Christmas, fill them with hope and it will be a lovely way celebrate what will otherwise be a very difficult Christmas for Steven and I. With hope always and a HO HO HO this Holiday Season.     

wylder in his santa hat … so cute.


  1. Love you my friend :)

  2. Cathy Johnson says:

    What a wonderful time it will be. Hope Santa and Mrs. Claus will give you some pictures to post here! :)

  3. yes Wylder is soooo cute!!! umm, is Mrs. Claus also Mrs. Laffoon?! I want lots of pictures!!! can’t wait to hear how this beautiful event goes. xoxo ,Chelsea

  4. Alice Daxon says:

    What a beautiful event for the Hope Kids…..Sounds like a lovely time.

    I’m certain Wylder will be there in the twinkle of every light to let you
    know how proud he is of his Mama & Papa. Open up your mind and hearts and let his love
    wash over you…I know emphatically he is by your side.

    I love this picture of Wylder in his Santa hat…..adorable.

    Much love, keep strong, Alice (Canada)

  5. He is the CUTEST Lil Warrior Elf ever!!!!!! Wylder will always be the angel of hope for so many xoxoxox

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