Beachy Bliss

I totally confused you all yesterday with the blog (tee hee),  sorry about that.  Yes, I am still on Nantucket and will be here until the 20th (home just in time for the Santa event).  I am just doing a lot of the planning and organizing from a far :).  Nantucket continues to be both blissful and filled with lots of emotions.  When I find myself not living in the present and thinking of the past, the future, or having writers block … I walk straight out the cottage door and down to a beach.  There are so many beautiful beaches to choose from.  I love to explore a new one each day and am facinated by the various types of vegitation here on this island and its beaches. No two look alike … almost almost, but not quite.

(I have explored almost all of them except the tom nevers side)

It is amazing how the beach and the ocean can clear your mind and sooth your soul.   There are no surrounding islands near Nantucket, like there are in Maui …. so when you look out, the ocean goes on forever.  I discovered and explore most of these beaches on foot, but got to some of them because of new found friends, which I am excited to share moer about with you all soon.  Believe it or not I also have many more pictures to come.  I love the ocean, it never changes and every square inch of it makes me feel Wylder James.   I found this beautiful quote for you the other day Wylder.  We love and miss you and are so proud of you every second.  xxoo




  1. These pictures are amazing, Shannon! Thanks for sharing…..I’m enjoying the “trip.” I’m so glad you’re in such a peaceful sanctuary….no doubt that Wylder is there, too. xoxoxxoxox

  2. My baby was a Pooh baby. That is such a beautiful saying.

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    Gorgeous pictures, Shannon. I love the ocean, too. The sounds are music to the soul and the smell of the salt air does clear your mind and seems to allow you to see things with a vision that encompasses the breadth of the ocean. So glad you are right where you need to be. xoxoxo

  4. i am having a hard day just thinking how this should not be, no mama should lose their baby. I love that pooh quote, it is so beautiful and fitting for our sons, but I remember reading it long ago before Trek was ever born and not allowing myself to think of a time I would ever need it. I still can’t believe I do. Missing Trek so much today and missing Wylder for you. I love the picture on the home page of the website with him in the red little hat holding his bottle, what a little angel. xoxo ,Chelsea

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