Survival Kit

Our amazing, wonderful, kind and wise grief therapist made a list of things she thought I should consider taking on my long get away.  A short of  homesick “survival kit”, if you will. Brilliant, she is brilliant.!!!  I am so glad that I have little trinkets from my home and day to day life here in the Nantucket cottage.   There are things she recommended to pack that I never would have thought of ;)

My morning routine things.  Yep I packed my own tea and sugar. 

PHOTO!S!!!  Eventhough I have my computer … having photos of my loved ones around is wonderful.  They are ALL over the cottage and I love looking up to see them. 

 There are a few things that I am used to seeing around our house, even if I don’t realize it everyday.  So I packed a few of wylder’s blankets and snuggle friends  and this has been a LIFESAVER.  I love to pick up his blanket and snugly whenever I want. 

snuggled up!

 I brought smells that remind me of home too.  This is another one of those I never would have thought of, but I LOVE!  Our eucalyptus shower spray, a candle and Wylder’s baby lotion.  Awwwhhh.  I love to take big breaths and get a whiff.

Last but not least is music.  There are a few CD’s that we are always playing around the house and in the car.   My neighbors are probably sick of me cranking the same tunes over and over again (tee hee).  They are bummbed the walls are so thin between cottages! This song 100% makes me think og Steven and Wylder James … my loves.

These few little things make me feel like I have my loved ones around me and pieces of home.  Missing home and my hubby is inevitable, even when you are following your heart … so I am happy to have some of home here.  xoxo



  1. Cathy Johnson says:

    What a lovely post, Shannon. Once again, your gentle spirit and overwhelming love for your boys shines through. And what a wise lady, your therapist. I never would have thought of some of those things either. What a comfort those sights, sounds and smells are. And I love that song, too! :) Keep on soaking up that healing peace, lovely lady. xoxoxo

  2. that makes me smile and it feels like home there even across the miles. xoxo

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