Manifesting A Happy Life

On my plane ride out to Nantucket I started to read a book titled SPIRITED by Rebecca Rosen, and I quickly finished it just a few days into my stay.  At this point it my life it was a must read, and although I try to take many things with a grain of salt … this book offered me many options for meditation and healing for my time here on the island.  (my only caution with suggesting this book is to take it for what you want it to be.  As a grieving mother there are a few parts which you must skip … like that common phrase that all things happen for a reason that makes us all wanted to kick some ass. )

Overall it offered me a particular set of skills to tap into my inner-self, which is exactly what I was hopeful to do with my time here.  Since finishing the book, just after Steven left the island :(, I have started each of my mornings by setting an intention.  WOW, what has happened has truly been even beyond my imagination.  These are the stories of what has manifested from intentions in just a few weeks time;

It started with dining alone.  GULP, double gulp.  I have mostly spent my meals here to myself in the cottage, which I love … but I also felt the erg to explore this option of dinning alone since I felt so safe in this place.  Meal ONE out alone … coffee shop breakfast, and I chose to talk to no one (other than politeness to the waitress).  Okay, that was good, right?  It is all part of the journey and if I don’t want to share with any I don’t have to, awwwhhhh the beautiful of Nantucket.  Meal two … I need steak!  After many meals in and a lot of soup … I realized I needed a meal meal and ventured out for steak!  I went to a beautiful little place that was not to “bar-like” as that feels just oh so wrong without my hubby.  I set an intention before I left to let myself be open to receive what I am supposed to receive.  As I sat … alone, I found myself amongst very friendly faces.  It didn’t take long and a few of those friendly faces began to chat with me.  After less than an hour of friendly chit chat and story swapping an amazing couple visiting the island offered that I join them on a beach jeep ride the very next morning.  Being open to receive I said … “I’m in!”  Kathy , Mike and I heading out to drive along the beach to Great Point Light house the very next morning.  It was such a beautiful day … we were even able to take the top off the jeep and ran into a friendly bunch of seals.  This furthest point on the island was breathtakingly beautiful and somewhere I never would have been able to venture to alone.  Thank you Mike and Cathy for sharing your morning with me and showing me this beautiful part of the island. 

learning how to take air out of tires (Tee hee)

cathy and mike


peek-a-bo seals!

Meal three out alone.  Looking for  a deal.  I thought this third “meal out” could actually be dinner alone in at cottage first and then stretching my legs to grab a glass of wine for half off.  Gotta love that deal!  Intention for this adventure was more of a universal question.  Am I supposed to keep writing children’s books with Wylder’s messages? I have so many ideas, but is this my path?   When I arrive the place was so quiet.  So I tilted my head up to “watch football’.  After a few minutes the bartended said football fan huh?  I couldn’t lie … nope, just don’t know where else to look when dining without my hubby.  We both laughed and I think he appreciated my honesty.  I asked him why the place was so quiet and he smirked … and said just give it about 15 min .  He wasn’t kidding … the place was packed before I knew it.  Turns out it was half off appetizers too (drawing quite a crowd) … so I decide to order one of those as well.  Just as I was finishing up a couple sat down next to me (I had to do a double take because at first I thought it was Ralph Lauren and his beautiful bride, tee hee).  I offered to scootch to give them a bit more room and they said they were good.  Just a few minutes later I put on my jacket, wrapped my scarf around my neck and was about to take off when they struck up a conversation.  I sat with my coat on and chatted with this amazing couple for over an hour and a half.  Boy oh boy was I distended to meet them (thank you Wylder James). They were such loving and kind people so I share our Warrior with them.  Told them all he has done, foundation plans, about his book and about Wylder the Whale.  Then I share with them I was thinking about writing a book about Wylder the Whale taking an adventure to Nantucket, but I just wasn’t sure.   What happened next was pure magic. Turns out they own Nantucket Clothing Company right in the center of town.  They said they would love to support that book, Wylder Nation and sell Wylder the Whale shirts in their shop.  My emotions started bubbling from the inside out.  People are amazing.  No matter my heartache … I continue to be amazed by the people being put into our lives and the goodness in people. I knew this was Wylder answering my questions and putting me in the right place at the right time.  Just two days later I met this amazing couple at their shop in town where they shared with me that they not only want to create this Wylder the whale T-shirt … but they want to have it has their featured product for the entire summer and 100% of the proceeds will go to Wylder Nation!!! WOW WOW WOW.  Tears and over joy-ed to have Wylder shared with many more people, raising awareness, and carrying his legacy.  And if that wasn’t enough … they said if I decide to write this book they would be honored to have a book signing at their shop next summer.  What, that means we would get to come back too?!?!  Intentions answered to the highest degree … better get writing.    

the store!!!

Forth meal out was actually not alone.  Allowing myself to be open to receive what I am supposed to …lead to meal four being amonst new friends.   Jill and Faron Flinton.   Jill and Faron Flinton lost their son Dan just over one year ago to Niemann Pick type C.  We are such a small family of people we all try lean on one another for support, but we often never meet.   I have actually never met face to face another family with a child that persevered against niemann pick disease (any type) … until yesterday!  That is right.  After following our blog the Flinton’s new that I was here on the island and traveled 4 hours by car and one hour by boat so I could officially wrapped my arms around other parents.  Magical … simply Magical.  We had a lunch out on main street and talked about our most beautiful and amazing children.  We walked to the light house and sipped warm beverages.  To be able to meet Jill and Faron was amazing for me.  My heart swelled up and the fact that they traveled all this way to show their love and support was just plain overwhelming.  As we hugged goodbye so they could take the 4:30 ferry home I knew I would have a special place in my heart for the Flinton’s forever. 

hoping for better picts soon from jill’s camera :)

I believe what is helping me become a bit more centered and  begin receiving  all this goodness are the morning walks with new friends, talking time for myself, mediation and letting my broken heart lead the way.  Having my first breaths in the morning be the fresh air, my first sights be this beautiful island, and my first sounds be the sounds of the ocean that makes all things feel possible.  Realizing this is true love, that Wylder is true love and although his literal absence is unbearable, my trust in him and my love for him is forever.  I know exactly who is making sure all of these things are happing … and I am trying to listen Wylder James.  As I learn to live with a broken heart, search for purpose … I will always know YOU are and always will be my biggest accomplishment.  Your daddy and I will strive to make a difference in many ways because of YOU.  Our lives here will never be completly whole again, but we will somehow manefest a happy life by coninuing to listen to you. We love you and will miss you forever Wylder. xoxo



  1. oh my god Shannon! i have soo many things to say! first of all i laughed out loud about the “kick their ass” comment, thankfully no one has ever said that to me or I probably would have:) and i love your intention book, it is so true but even though I know it I forget so often to remember. I love the peace and clarity that pours thru your words as you always have, but there is something special since you reached Nantucket. I cheered for you (silently since every one is asleep in my house:) about the Wylder Whale shirts, book and support! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your idea to have a Wylder series, the world should know about your beautiful son. I love how you said that he is your greatest accomplishment, what a tribute to him and one that he fully deserves. I am so happy (and jealous:) that you Jill got to meet up, that is so special. Sending you all my love as you enjoy your last few days, I know it will be hard to leave, but I bet you are dying to see your honey:) xoxo

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      Look at me Chels … replying via posts, BIG step!! I am excited to get to working on the Wylder’s book series, I have so many of his lesson I want to share with the World (as I know you know). I was happy that the answer was to go with it for now, as it is really what I want to do in my heart. Thank you for your amazing comment about the clarity of my posts, I feel like I am starting to think more clearly here (must be that salt water air). I am so excited about the shirts, these people are AMAZING and I love to think that a little piece of Wylder will be on lots of little ones running across this island next summer. It was so amazing to meet jill, as you know I wish our tie was not childhood disease … but I loved to just meet and embrace her. It will be hard to leave but I cannot wait to walk through my door at home in the same breath. Lots of love Chelsea. xoxo

  2. also i love the website changes you made:) you are so creative!

  3. I got chills reading this!! Sweet Mr. Littles is quite the busy fellow — accompanying you along the way and making sure all those loving connections with such loving people are made.

    I believe with all my heart that you and Wylder will be able to spread awareness and hope to every corner of the nation and I also believe that Steven and Wylder will be the ones to “crack the case” in finding a cure and better treatments for all precious kiddos.

    xoxoxoxo You are a blessing to the world, Shannon….and thank you for Mr. Littles xoxox

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      As always, thank you sweet Leslie. I believe ALL of that with every ounce of my being too! Thank you for always believing in us and supporting us every step of the way. xoxo. S

  4. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon! I know Wylder the Whale will be a success and his message will carry around the world this summer. I wish we were not connected by this disease, but we all know that we are also a family, and we will be there to support one another in whatever endeavors we want to accomplish.

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      Thank you Jill, it really was a wonderful afternoon. I could not agree more … our Niemann Pick family will all be there for one another forever and always. xoxo

  5. Cathy Johnson says:

    Oh wow, Shannon! So much wonderful news! I was grinning from ear to ear as I read this post. And I love, the kick some ass comment, too. I don’t believe that everything happens for a reason. Or at least if there is one, we don’t have to pretend to understand that. Things happen that rend the fabric of our lives and leave holes than can never be repaired. And so we wade through it all as best we can, trying to create something bright out of such darkness. And that is exactly what Wylder is guiding you and Steven to do. I agree with Chesea – the Wylder series is an awesome idea. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is anxious to hear more about Wylder’s adventures!

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      Thank you Cathy, I could not agree with what you said… “things happen that rend the fabric of our lives and leave holes than can never be repaired. And so we wade through it all as best we can, trying to create something bright out of such darkness.” BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for your support on the book series! Much love. xoxo

    • Oops meant I could not agree more of course☺

  6. Cousin Mike & Family says:

    Shannon, I know we will see you soon but I wanted to take a moment to thank you for continuing to share your thoughts. We think of you often and yet, I personally rarely know what to actually say, so reading your words is such a nice way to check in to see where your journey is taking you.

    I am not one who believes that we can throw a blanket over everything and claim that it all happens for a reason. Sometimes things happen that just are not right, fair or just and despite our human desire to want answers or have a settled feeling that the Karma wizard will balance everything out, sometimes a hand is dealt that makes absolutely no sense. Disease, mass shootings, destruction from a storm…these are a few things that are top of mind currently in which innocent people who are good to the core have been impacted forever. I wish I had the words to help, I really do.

    What I can say, and I have really been trying to pay attention to these lessons as they come, is that when awful things happen, it somehow challenges us to rise up as a family, as friends and as a community to demonstrate that goodness can prevail. While it cannot reverse outcomes, it can give us the strength to try and make things better and to believe that the goodness of humanity may take a few hits, but will triumph over the darkness that sometimes exposes itself (and perhaps influence future outcomes more positively). The work you are doing in your writing and what Steven is doing with the medical community is making a difference. The wonderful people that you are coming across are opening up their arms and their hearts to help facilitate a positive message. Wylder’s legacy and message will continue to live on, and while you and Steven are out in front leading the charge, the number of people on your team is growing.

    I remain heartbroken over the loss of my cousin, and I am angered, disgusted and saddened by what just happened at Newtown Elementary School. There are things that we just cannot rationalize or make any sense from. However, amongst the confusion and the quest for answers, I know that there are people who are going to stand up and do something to try and make things right, and there are others who are going to help them in their quest. Thank you for being one of those people, I’m behind you.

    You remain an inspiration, I look forward to seeing you in a few days.

    Cousin Mike

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      Cousin Mike. You always find and have the most beautiful words (even when we all feel like there are none). I thank you and everyone that continues to read here and support us. We have come to take such comfort from all of YOU! We certainly feel you behind us 100%, which is helping us to do SOMETHING moving forward. To get out of bed with a smile on our face, a twinkle in our eyes … but with GREAT purpose in our heart. Too make sure Wylder, his lessons and legacy are remembered always. We have the best family in all the world. We cannot wait to spend our Christmas in Colorado in just a few days, and to see that beautiful tree you planted for your counsin which will stand tall in your yard forever. We love and miss you. xoxo

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