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I am not much of an avid reader.  In the past I often just find myself dozing off when I pick up a book to read, never really getting “into it” … but not this time, not this read.  On Wednesday morning I refused to get myself out of bed until I finished the Ingram’s novel “Following After Trek” … I was hooked.  You all know the Ingram’s, BABY TREK’S parents and brothers  (http://oursonnylife.com/).  I cried and laughed my way through this incredible book, and I never wanted to set it down. Wylder Nation, it is time to make sure you all get your own copies! Why …. Because you all will “GET IT”, a fathers and families love for their son. It is absolutely a must read and an incredible way to support the Ingram family as they want to continue to travel the globe just as baby Trek Atlas gave them courage to do so.  It is difficult to read at times, yes, because our love for Trek, Wylder, Jacob and Kaitlyn and all these beautiful children is so real and true … but it is important and so full of love and HOPE. Congratulations Chelsea and Jarrett, it is an absolutely amazing and beautiful tribute!


I absolutely found myself unable to put this book down.  The magnitude of the Ingram’s circumstances is hard for most to grasp … but not us, not our family.  We lost our son Wylder just one month after the Ingram’s lost baby Trek, to the same disease (NPA).  “Following After Trek” is the most beautiful collage of fiction and truth.  It is a gripping tale of how the Ingram’s learned to parent without a net, for a child for whom there was no future, by embracing life and living in the present while never losing hope that they would be together again.  To following your dreams today, as there will one day be no tomorrow, but rather only memories.  It is impossible to believe this is Jarrett’s first novel.  Jarrett’s love for his son and family oozes off the pages of this book and his ability to write made me feel like I had been right alongside him since the day Trek was born.  Our family is forever grateful to the Ingram’s for this book and for sharing their story with this World that so desperately needs to hear it.  It is a beautiful book … a true love story. With love and hope always,  Shannon Laffoon (WylderJames.com)

Paperpack Copies are $12.99;


Kindle Copies are $7.99






  1. Such a beautiful, perfect review! I know y’all mean so much to Jarrett and Chelsea and your support means so much!

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      They ahve our 100% support all the way. It is such an amazing book and I hope it makes all of there dreams come true! xoxo

  2. wow, I have no adequate words to say thank you Shannon! you are so sweet and this is such a great review and so kind. love you friend-xoxo

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      You are so welcome my friend. I have two family members that have read it already, just since this post. AMAZING! Everyone is positivly blown away. It is such a beautiful love story. Love you Chels xoxo

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    I totally agree, Shannon! And your review is so beautifully said and so spot on the truth. You have captured both the essence of Jarrett’s book and the spirit of Chelsea and Jarrett’s family so wonderfully. You are an amazing woman, sweet girl – the perfect mama to your Warrior and tireless champion of hope and determination to make this a better world for every stricken child and every parent facing the unthinkable. I am so glad to have become your online friend – your Warrior changed my life forever!

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      Thank you Cathy, I too am so happy we have become friends. It was so fun and hard to find the words to describe “Following After Trek”. They are an absolutely beautiful, wonderful and amazing family and we want to continue to support them in any way possible. Thank you for always keeping Wylder so close to your heart. xoox S

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