Thank You TGEN

TGen wrote a beautiful article about our sweetest little Wylder James.  Thank you TGen for continuing to raise awareness for childhood diseases and for continuing to strive to make a difference …  unity is HOPE.  We are so glad to be joining forces with you all so that “one child’s life will continue to change many”.  Click on the TGen image below to see the Special Issue of TGen Today that includes many beautiful stories and our littest Wylder James.  With Hope Always. xoxo




  1. oh Laffoon family! this is wonderful, I loved reading about your insight and sweet words. It was so good to hear
    Steven’s voice, a voice of a father driven to great lengths for the love of his son. It was so precious and I would love to learn more! I have read you entire blog:) but can you maybe do a synopsis of the struggles you faced with Wylder having a rare disease and what you hope will be different in the future for other children? I am very intrigued and so happy you are both helping other families not feel so alone.

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      It is so interesting you suggest this Chelsea, I totally agree. I would love it if Steven would write a blog post sometime … sharing his feelings and some of the struggles we faced. I agree it would be so beneficial for other parents. xoxox

  2. These researchers are, without question, human angels on earth performing miracles for all of these sweet littles……God Bless all of their amazing work…..

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    Awesome article about an awesome family! And I agree with you and Chelsea, Shannon – it would be great to hear Steven’s point of view, if he is willing to share, and to know what both of you would like to see change for other families. The medical system is often a nightmare to work within, even for the most routine matters. I can’t imagine what it is like to have to deal with navigating the system under such terrifying circumstances. Whatever can be done to help others deal with the fear and lonliness at such times would be a real blessing. TGen – there cannot be enough said about your work. You are indeed human angels!

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