A Whirl of a Weekend

Steven and I were in Colorado over the weekend.  It was a quick trip … but turned out to be a much needed trip.  We were given an amazing and beautiful gift by some DEAR friends of ours a couple of months ago.  We were given an appointment/session with a professional Meduim named Rebecca Rosen for January 28th.  We quickly learned that this medium was World Renown for her gift.  If you are unsure what a medium is; he or she acts as a conduit to help you reconnect with your loved ones who have crossed over into spirit form. The spirit’s intention is to let you know they have made the journey and to communicate their true essence and love.


Steven and I were first timers, but I am a person with a very open heart and after hearing her name (rebecaa rosen) mensioned to me by over four different people in less than 10 days back in November … I felt that this connection was meant to be.  Steven was a “skeptic”, but an open skeptic that was ready for whatever this part of our journey was going to look like.  We both just tried to be open hearted yesterday to receive any and all messages we were intended too, although our stomachs were full of butterflies.  As we walked into her office yesterday we were greeted by her young smiling beautiful face as she asked us to have a seat (she only new steven and my first names).  There were no Terra cards, glass globes, flying capes and she certainly was not feeling like an Oda Mae Brown-like character.  It was just quiet, peaceful enviornment and she started with a single prayer for protection.   Our Wylder James came right though, surrounding us with his love.  She spoke of the ripple affect of our Wylder and how he touched thousands and thousands of people.  She continued about how this ripple affect was while he was here … and how it will continue on.  She spoke of his warrior painted cheeks and  “old soul”.  How HE chose this life for himself to teach and how it is our job to make sure his memories and lessons live on forever.  We know, we knew … but valitation after validation was such a beautiful reminder for Steven and I as we sat on the couch with tears running down our cheeks and Wylder’s love surrounding us.  Words like Hawaii will always be “home” came from her lips, and he thanks us all (you all included) for the beautiful flowers that filled the ocean as we laid him to rest at sea.  Our wise, wonderful, healthy and free Wylder was a voice of such strength.  And with his now incredible vocabulary he gave Steven and I some guidance for our future and reminders that he will remain by our side forever and always.  We learned of other Angels from our family that are holding him, loving him and how he is “Mr. Popular” surrounded by so many friends.  He told us of the fun he had with us on the bikes in Nantucket and how he laughed as I raced and almost missed my flight.  You always did have the giggles when I was stressed out little one (ha ha) … I love to think of that sweetest laugh.   Wylder let us know how he will continue to show us he is with us.  This session left Steven and I feeling as though we were almost floating and our faces had such grins on them.  The list of questions we had in our minds, were magically answered without us ever even asking them … and by our most precious ones “voice”.  We felt overwhelmed but mostly just connected and happy because of the happiness and strength that was oozing out of Wylder.  The gift this woman gives and has is just that, it is such a gift.  We are so grateful for this gift that was given to us by our friends, by her and by Wylder. 

Speaking of gift, Rebecca told us we would be receiving a gift … a blanket.  She said perhaps it would even be made from some of Wylder’s baby clothes.  Steven and I shook our heads as Wylder’s clothes are all still gently laying in his drawers.  Rebecca was persistent and said you will receive a blanket and you should know it is a gift  your son.  Just as I finished typing this blog Steven walked in from work carrying a big box … from Maine.  Who do you know from Maine he asked?  No one was my response.  As I picked up the box I noticed it was not heavy … it couldn’t be .. or could it?  I opened it as Steven hovered over my shoulders.  It is a blanket!!!  A beautiful blue blanket … that is made up of patches of kids clothes, a birthday patch, waves from the ocean and a teal patch that reminds me of the Hawaiian quilt wylder was last wrapped up in.  It is from a lady that I sat next to on my airplane ride to Nantucket.  The card reads “every stitch in your memory quilt is a prayer for you and your husband.”  Thank you Wylder, Thank you Carol for hand stitching this beautiful masterpiece … thank you for our gift!  We believe, we do.


I will be honest, I debated weather or not to share any of this here on Wylder’s blog, but as you can see I have decided we will share pieces of our conversation, and leave some private for our family.  I do believe it is important to share however, as it continues to be both a part of our journey with Wylder and part of our forever process of healing and the continuation of Wylder Nation. At one point in the meeting Rebbecca said there was “define perfection where there seemed to be imperfection”.   If that is just not perfectly put, I do not know what is.  This all happened yesterday, on my birthday … where I heardthis women utter the sweet message “Happy Birthday Mom”.   What a gift … what an incredible gift.  Thank you Wylder.  Thank you for showering me with love on my birthday’s when you were in my arms and now my 32nd birthday, in this very soulful way.  We love you forever and always and will see you in our dreams.  Wylder Nation … Heaven is for real.  xoxo 

Wylders Trip 453

my 29th Bithday and my first with Wylder

my 29th Bithday and my first with Wylder

30th Celebration (crown and all)

30th Celebration (crown and all)

My 31st bithday with Wylder

My 31st bithday with Wylder

Silly Self-Photos from my 31st with Wylder

Silly Self-Photos from my 31st with Wylder

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  1. Shannon,

    I am sitting here at the airport in Phoenix waiting for my flight back to Denver with tears pouring down my cheeks. A little embarrassing… I am so delighted for you and Steven. I knew he would find you. I knew he would speak to you, and I knew that he would be smiling and happy. I love you guys!!! Xoxo

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us, Shannon, and I am so glad you had a loving and blessed birthday. I believe there are individuals blessed with the gift of connecting with our loved ones for us. After my mom died, I met with a medium and it brought me such peace.

    I often pray to Sweet Wylder. Two things Rebecca said are two things that I always felt very strongly when I prayed to him. I always picture him playing with alot of children and he’s kind of the leader of the group…it’s his loving persona that all the children seem to be drawn to…..also, from the moment I first saw Wylder’s picture, I saw that his beautiful eyes are those of a pure old soul….wise beyond his young years, and teaching in a way only he can do. This is, and always will be, a very special and unique little boy whose presence will always be felt by many. xoxoxox

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      His “rippling affect” will continue Leslie … they certainly will. Steven and I always talk about the old wise soul that shined through his baby sweet eyes. He is magical and the power of Wylder has and will continue to change the World. xoxo

  3. Heidi Unruh says:

    Shannon, what a beautiful gift. I couldn’t help but cry as I read this. I am so happy for you and Steven…I wish so much that I could fly to Colorado and meet with her myself. I would love news of my dad. :)

    xxoo Heidi

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      I would love that for you Heidi, it was a breathtaking experience I will always be grateful for. We think of you all often and our time on the island. xoxo

  4. Oh Shannon! What a beautiful experience – I literally have tears and chills. I, like Steven, am ‘openly skeptic’ when I hear about mediums. But your story is incredible – the blanket, amazing.

    While I may be a bit cautious about mediums, what I do know for sure is that Wylder’s spirit is alive and well. I read this blog entry with Q in my lap. At less than 1-week post-surgery, she’s not been back to herself yet. As I finished your entry, Quinn began talking, laughing, grabbing at me – being Quinn. I like to think it was Wylder helping her out – it would certainly be in the spirit of his amazing parents.

    Happy birthday. xoxo, Eileen

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      I too am now crying Eileen … I love to think that is Wylder helping her out too. It was am amazing experience that I will charish forever. Lots of love to you all. xoxo

  5. i am beyond words right now. I am so happy for you and Steven and for Wylder that he got to share his love and thoughts and wisdom with you with tangible words!!!! I am just soo happy, there are no other words. I know his messages from that day will guide you and change the rest of your life. I also agreed with every description that she had for him, it is as I imagined him also. much love ,Chelsea

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      We really were too Chelsea, it was an amzing experience that literally has us beaming. Much love to you too Chels. xoxo

  6. So beautiful Shannon. We have also found a local medium who we try to visit once a month. Our first time there she immediately knew we had lost a child because he was filling the room and “being the devil he couldn’t be here”. What a gift for your birthday! XOXO

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      It truly was an un-imagineable gift. I am so happy you all get some peace from your sessions as well … what a gift. xoxo

  7. Cathy Johnson says:

    Oh Shannon – what a beautiful, wonderful, awesome experience. As you can see, I’m pretty much out of words. Instead I am filled to bursting with happiness for you and Steven that you had this time with your Warrior. This whole post, including the comments, has made this day, which is foggy and gloomy here, full of the brightest sunshine. I just know Eileen is right – I am sure Wylder was there helping Quinn. What a wonderful birthday! xoxo

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