A girlfriend of mine sent this picture to me this morning! The cover of Parent magazine sharing trending baby names.  What?!!  I definately never thought we would see the day Wilder was on it.  Kind cool…image

You trend setter you Wylder!!  We think the ‘y’ makes the name even cooler and more extra special … just like you are Wylder James.  We love and miss you littlest.  xoxo

who wouldn't want to have a cool name like this DUDE!

who wouldn’t want to have a cool name like this DUDE!



  1. Tracey McFadden says:

    Definitely my favorite name, cool, cool, cool.

  2. Awesome trend setter!

  3. Mr. Littles is the coolest trendsetter EVER!! He’s a Warrior with Style xoxoxoxox

  4. Cathy Johnson says:

    LOVE that picture! Makes me smile!

  5. That is soo cool!!! go sweet little Wylder go!

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