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Sorry, we have not been writing much lately Wylder Nation.  We have many things happening on the for front for our sweet Wylder James and it has been keeping us moving and shaking.  That being said we have created an event calendar for WN that we have added to the webpage.  We are excited about it.  We think it will be a great way to keep you all up to date on all the wonderful  happenings of Wylder Nation; luncheons, fundraisers, the Boston marathon, hospital visits etc.  It still needs some tweaking … but is looking pretty good.  You can check it out on the right hand side of

I have also officially ordered the sample for Wylder’s second book.  It is so special.  I am very excited to share it with you all soon, and wanted to give you this sneak peak.  It will be available for purchase this May in honor of Wylder’s 4th Birthday.  The book is very different than his first “Warrior Baby” … but continues to share the love and lessons he emplifies

Little Wish


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 It is all so bitter sweet each and everyday, but we know that YOU, littest Wylder are the one that is making all of these things not only possible, but actually happen.  We will continue to share your lessons with many and persever for treatment options for Niemann Pick A.  We love and miss you.  xoxo 



  1. I am freaking out!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on that book! love you guys-xoxo

  2. Cathy Johnson says:

    Wow!!!! I can’t wait! Awesome news, Shannon!

  3. That is sooooo awesome Shannon!! I can’t wait to read the newest one :) and you guys are doing Wtlder proud, no doubt with all that you’re doing in his honor. xoxo

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