Warrior Paint Campaign

One week from today is Marathon Monday!!  Phil Madera will be running in honor of Wylder at the Boston Marathon next Monday April 15th with the Genzyme Running for Rare Disease Team!  This is a BIG deal.  This is the GOODNESS in the World that Wylder taught us is out there everyday.  And this is continuing to help bring our Rare Disease community together … uniting more and more to raise awareness to make a difference for kiddos battling rare genetic disease. 


To show Phil our love and support for his efforts, and to remind him our Warrior Wylder James will be with him in spirit every step of the way … we have come up with a Warrior Paint Campaign!!  The goal is to receive 1,000 photos of YOU in your WARRIOR paint by next Monday!!!

It’s simple.  Dabble a bit of Warrior Paint (aka. face paint, or sunscreen) onto your cheeks and the cheeks of those you love and send them our way.  Send to me at shannon@wyldernation.org or post to the WN FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/Wylderjames  As the photos start to come in, I am going to create a “PAGE”” on Wylder’s website (HERE) where I will archive all the photos we receive of you loveies in your paint …  to show Phil our love and the power of Wylder and all who love him so much.  

Phil will be running with his Rare Disease Team for the 6th year in a row.  After sending him a few photos of Wylder months back he selected Wylder’s famous Warrior Paint photo to wear over his heart on this very special upcoming Marathon Monday.  I will be on the sidelines with my mom, some genzyme friends, Phil’s family and anyone in the Boston area who wants to come out in and show there support.  We will be draped on our Wylder Nation gear with our painted faces for a day of cheering!  Steven will be with some family across the sea (more on that soon, in his paint for sure).    


Let us come together and paint the town WARRIOR style!  Over the next week please get together with your friends, family, co-workers, church groups, neighborhood kids  and show Phil some LOVE …. WARRIOR Style. Get together, have some laughs, paint those beautiful faces and show your support.   We are starting the campaign off right now ….


tee hee hee

The goal is 1,000 pictures in one week!   Please share, share, share that your care. Include pictures of YOUR Warrior’s … especially our loving Niemann Pick Disease family.  May we all be reminded how many very special Warriors there are battling and how loved they all are.  Please share this blog post (http://wylderjames.com/archives/11609) and this campaign and your picts on facebook, twitter, instagram all week.  Let us all come together… reminding Phil the strength of our Warrior Wylder James and our Wylder Nation support system and bring on the photos!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who donated and continues to donate to Phil and his amazing cause for NORD (HERE) and all of you that are going to send Warrior paint photos are way.

Phil will most certainly feel our strength, love and support through our photos to him and  I know you, our sweet Wylder, will be smiling down on us when you see these photos coming in and Phil on his run thinking of YOU.  Wylder we know all things are possible because of you.  You are loved little one, so loved!  See you in our dreams Warrior.  xoxo



  1. Love it Shannon!!!!! Your the best!

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      The pictures are piling in Phil … filled with love and support for you on your run with our Wylder. xoxo

  2. Phil…Have a great race.

  3. Shannon!!! I don’t know how I missed this!!! Thankfully I caught it just in time, we will paint some stripes on today:) it will be fun! sooo cool about sweet Phil running for your Wylder. xoxo, Chelsea

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