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I promised I would write about Steven’s trip to Maui.  I have been excited to share with you all the fact the Steven got an all expense paid trip to Maui because of his Cousin Brett!  WOW.  Of course that was an opportinuty he could not pass up, and so he went for it.  THANK YOU COUSIN!!!  This family that I “joined” into nearly 14 years ago is an amazing one.  Cousins are bothers, aunties are sisters and they are always there for you when you need them.  It really is an amazing bond.  Steven and Brett where in Maui when I was with Alexa and Phil in Boston just a few weeks ago.  It sounds like his trip was filled with some much needed relaxation and beautiful sunsets.    




For those of you that read Wylder’s blog and have not ‘met’ Steven, he has quite a motor on him and can go, go, go.  He works hard for his family, has many sleepless nights, perseveres for options for NPA disease, misses his son everyday, and works more hours per day than any man I know.  So when he gets a chance to decompress and relax, he snags it … and deserves it.  There is no better place for a good bout of rest and relaxation than Maui. 

nWe often talk about how we see and feel Wylder on a day to day basis and how that is magnified when we are anywhere near an Ocean.   Well, Maui is our spiritual “home” and were we both have and always will feel most connected to each other, Wylder and God.  So it came as no surprise to me to hear that Steven’s favorite part of the trip was spending time with Ernest.  (Ernest married Steven and I  on the island in 2007, met Wylder on the island in 2010, and strummed his guitar on the boat as we laid Wylder to rest at sea last summer ).  Ernest, his wife Lisa, and there entire family are our O’hana forever.  



When the boys first arrived on Maui they said the Sea was full of Whales teaching there babies to breach.  Always, the most breathtaking and beautiful site.  You know that Wylder the Humpback whale was among them.   The whales are leaving down and heading down to Alaska to hunt now, so it really was a treat that the boys got to see the tail end of them. 

pic from pacific whale foundation

pic from pacific whale foundation

Amongst dinner parties, and activities they went  down for a swim in front of Kaanapali beach floating, thinking and talking of Wylder, just yards away from where 6,000 flowers floated 10 months ago for him.   Steven said there was an amazing fireworks show after one of the dinners that had him a bit choked up, lighting up the sky the way they did.  They also enjoyed a retreat together at the spa … haaa haa haa … wish I had picts of that one!   And on the day of the Boston marathon they gathered with friends on the beach in there WARRIOR paint …. supporting Phil and Wylder across the Ocean.  It was a wonderful trip. 


 They day they left Maui they went down the ocean and put some flowers out to sea for Wylder from me, his momma.   I am so glad Steven got this time with his cousin …. thinking and dreaming of Wylder while relaxing in one of the most beaitful places in the world.  Wylder, I know you felt your daddy in the salty sea … thinking of you and loving you so very much.  We love and miss you littles.  xoxo


daddy and wylder 2010, maui





  1. cari gallo says:

    I am trying to find the tape of the humpback momma and her baby in cabo for you. I truly felt like it was my gift from Wylder. :) It was not expected, as it was a booze cruise, but it turned into 45 minutes of pure joy and heaven !!!!! I thought of your beautiful boy and I smiled knowing :) I love you Shannon and you are correct, they are a beautiful family, as are you and yours!

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      I would LOVE to see that video if you come across it Cari. I found one a few months back that I put on FB … a momma and baby whale together always takes my breath away. Thank you for always thinking of Wylder, and us too :). Lots of love. xoxo

  2. what an awesome opportunity to ‘visit’ with Wylder and such a well deserved period of rest and relaxation for Steven!! And Shannon, every photo of you from the memorial for Wylder makes my heart both swell and break. The raw love is actually tangible <3 xoxo

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      It sounds like it was a GREAT trip Eileen, I too am glad he got some good R & R. I feel the exact same way about those photos, somedays I can look through them all and other days I can’t get through one. I guess that is how it will always be. We think of you all often and send our love. BIG sqqquuueeezzee to Quinn too. xxoo

  3. Jennifer says:

    We just returned from Lahaina, my first trip to Maui/Hawaii. Your family (especially your Warrior) was on my mind as I took in the tranquility of the island and when I looked out to sea. When I saw a whale breaching for the first time, I thought of Wylder. Your strength, determination, and love are inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story with us…it has truly made me appreciate life, and the little things, so much more.

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      Isn’t “the island” just amazing? I am so glad you got to take a trip there and feel the magic of ALOHA! Thank you so much for thinking of Wylder during your days ocean side and I am so glad Wylder continues to have such a special impact on your life. Aloha, S xoxo

  4. Adriana Ulloa says:

    I met Steven and Brett on the plane on my way to Maui. Steven told me a little bit about your amazing warrior. While I was in Maui and I heard on the news about the Boston bombing, for some reason you guys came into my mind, Steven had told us you were in Boston for the marathon, I said a prayer hoping that you were ok. Once I got back in Phoenix I checked your blog…………. wow!!! Not only Wylder is a warrior, you and Steve are true warriors as well!! Your spirit is so full of strength!! Not many people have the determination that you guys have! God bless you!!

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      Thank you for saying the prayer Adriana. Wylder was definately with us that day in so many ways. Thank you for all your kind words and I am so happy you got to meet Steven and Brett. Aloha, S xoxo

  5. oh Steve!!! I am so glad you got to do this special bro trip! I know Wylder spent extra special time with you. thank you for sharing this with all of us Shannon. It was so special that they saw whales, I know they were at the end of the season, they waited around just for them:) xoxo ,CHelsea

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      No doubt Chelseas!! The whales were waiting for thoses boys and Wylder got some extra special daddy time. Love you all. xoxo

  6. Cathy Johnson says:

    What a marvelous post – it is so nice to see Steven basking in that wonderful cocoon of family love and being in that place that is so full of Wylder. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us! xoxoxo

  7. Boys,
    I wished I was there with you but I am quite confident that you kept the lights on over at the Grill and Leis.
    Only in Phoenix for the rest of the month so let’s get together for a beverage and re live the trip to Maui!
    Cheers boys and thank you Shan for sharing and we too miss littles, still wearing my nation band everyday!


    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      Thanks for rocking the WN gear bob … always! So much love for you. Let us know before you leave the valley and we will find a good spot for some mai tai’s before you head out. xoxo

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