Arizona Capitol Times

A wonderful article in this months Arizona Capitol Times about “TGen Translating Medicine into Patient Care”.  Our sweet Wylder is featured in the story as well as many other little darlings with stories of HOPE.  (i apologize, i know this is a bit hard to read …. but this is the best way I could figure out how to post it here).


  1. Cathy Johnson says:

    T-Gen is an amazing organization, Shannon. Thank you for bringing to light these wonderful people who work so hard. And thank you and Steven for continuing to share Wylder’s message. He inspires us all to do all we can to help in the efforts to find treatments and cures for these horrible thieves of our littlest ones. xoxoxo

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      It really is an amazing organization Cathy, we are so grateful for scientist, researchers and organizations like this. Thank you for continuing to love and support Wylder and our family Cathy. xoxo

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