Moments that take your breath away

These days it seems like every time I turn around I am being reminded of the ripple effect of little Wylder James.  They are moments in my life that literally take my breath away, and continually remind me of the goodness of people in this World. 


We were speaking with Phil the other day about the affect/wonderfulness of his run for the Boston Marathon this year in honor of Wylder and the support he felt from Wylder Nation.  Phil felt the ‘IT’ factor … he felt Wylder, he felt the Nation of Warrior’s behind him, and continues to be ever so grateful for all that was contributed for that race by YOU.  It turns out the Running For Rare disease team has raised over $90,000 in 2013 for NORD because of the marathon and rare disease day.  This is a triumph and a tribute to our rare disease community coming together.   So Phil let Steven and I know he wants to race with Wylder again this month (actually in about a week!!!).  This time to pay it forward by showing his continued support for our rare disease community and WYLDER NATION!!!  What an honor.  He also introduced us to Kelsey who felt she wants to be part of something bigger and run for a cause too … run for rare disease … run for Wylder.  WOW!!  So Phil and Kelsey are preparing to run … get ready for it …

A 100 MILE race

on June 14th in Weston, MA. 

The dedication, remarkableness and training it takes to accomplishes races like this is mind boggling.  They both feel Wylder is going to show them the way. 


They have each created a fundraising effort to extend the playlist of songs you all helped to create for Phil’s run in the Boston Marathon.  It is $5.00 to donate a song for them to listen too during their race… they estimate this run will require about 400 songs.   With Wylder in their hearts, their fundraising efforts for this race are going to go to Wylder’s Research Project. WOW!! Here is how to donate;  

Kelsey’s Fundraising Page HERE

 Phil’s Fundraising Page HERE 

Wylder’s Research Project is collaboration with TGen and Wylder Nation Foundation.  That’s right!  … Wylder Nation Foundation!  (Updates on our foundation developments coming soon)  In the meantime, 100% of your donations to either Kelsey or Phil’s First Giving Page are tax deductible. You can learn more about Wylder’s Research Project here;


As Wylder continues to show us his ripple effect through Phil, Kelsey, and many others … we also shared this run and fundraising effort with our Wylder Nation Foundation partners, and unbelievable friends at Giving Hope World Wide.   Showing their continued love and support for Wylder they have generously agreed support Phil and Kelsey by MATCHING dollar for dollar up to $20,000 for Wylder’s Research project!  WOW! We feel beyond blessed and are truly humbled by the amazing people Wylder continues to bring into our lives and we are reminded simply that prayer changes things.   


I get tears in my eyes every time I think of the incredible impact of Wylder James and the support system of Wylder Nation Warrior’s He has given us that continues to make us know that the power of Wylder will change the World.  God is good.  People like Phil, Kelsey, Giving Hope World Wide and YOU, continue to leave your mark on US by showing strength, perseverance, support and love for Wylder.  We feel so blessed and supported as so many continue to show your love and support and believe in what we are doing.  Thank you.    Wylder, you are our guiding light and we love you so much, thank you for showing us the way and continuing to bring such amazing people into our lives.  WE BELIEVE!  xoxo



  1. Shannon and Steven!!! this is UH mazing! but before I say anything about the cool Wylder Research, I have to say 100 MILES!!! are you freaking kidding me, just kill me now if I ever had to do that, that is CRAZY! I am so impressed, thank you for sharing all of this amazingness! I love all that Wylder is doing for rare disease, I know your family will change the lives of so many families in the future-thank you. Yeah the foundation is set up! This made me smile so big, I can’t wait to hear more about it! xoxo, Chelsea

    • Right Chels? Uh-mazing is the perfect way to put it. I cannot even wrap my head around the fact that they are running 100miles. They start at 7pm and run through the night and hope to finish in 24hrs. Wee eey! Every time we talk to Phil … Steven reminds him to get his head checked, tee hee!! We are really excited about the foundation and the project for wylder. We really feel like advancements are happening. Excited you all are back in the states!! Sending our love. Xoxo

  2. Cathy Johnson says:

    Truly, Shannon – this is one of the moments that take your breath away. I received an e-mail from Phil offering the opportunity to support his run with songs for the playlist and it DID take my breath away. It’s easy to get caught up in a “cause” for one event, but to stay connected and continue to give of one’s self the way Phil does is utterly amazing. It makes my heart sing to see Wylder continue to work his magic and to know that he is still with us in his special way! Go Phil and Kelsey! Wylder Nation is with you 100%!!! xoxoxo

    • You are so right Cathy. The relationships of support and love people like Phil and giving hope worldwide show are family is the magic of Wylder. Thank you so much for making yet another donation. We feel beyond blessed for you and our entire support system. Lots of love xoxo

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