Our Trip Home

This post is long over do, but it seems we have been so busy I am just getting to writing about it now.  As many of you know Steven and I had our first trip back to Maui since we laid Wylder to rest last July.   We went just after Wylder’s 4th birthday for Uncle Puppy’s and Corrin’s wedding.  We were not certain we were going to be able to make this trip, but when all the stars aligned and we made standby flight, after standby flight, it felt like it was meant to be.  As we began to fly and found ourselves only surround by only Ocean, my anxieties and fears about the trip began to lift and I realized … we are going home.  Both Steven and I felt Wylder stronger than ever and it was so very special (and emotional). 

This time, this trip, was yet again different for us than past trips.  Not only was it about celebrating David and Corrin’s love …. Steven and I did not run around and make a bunch of plan or errands.  We sat, we relaxed, we talked to wylder.  It was tranquil and nice to have some downtime with each other and Wylder.  How could we not feel so connected in a place with such beauty, with such hope, and for us … so much love.  It was also incredibly refreshing to be surrounded by our family.  We are blessed enough to have incredible family on all sides and whenever we find ourselves surrounded by any of them, things somehow feel more right.  It really just felt like we were home. 

wylder edible cousin morgan

wylder edible cousin morgan

mike and holli are lucky they got her back (tee hee)


just before the big event

Uncle Puppy and Corrin had very special things planned on their wedding day for Wylder.  It was incredible to watch them come to life. They got married in a beautiful cove on a boat just before sunset.  And after the ceremony Uncle Puppy had put together a soundtrack of family favorite songs to play.  Just as the sunset began behind that beautiful warm ocean, “somewhere over the rainbow began” to play, it was perfect.  At that moment they were kind enough to let us celebrate Wylder by letting a few plumeria’s go free as we all watched the white petals float across the sea.  It was a really special moment for Steven and me, being back on that water, under the most perfect sunset, feeling Wylder, feeling the love from the new beautiful couple and family. 

david and corrin

david and corrin

me and steven





Uncle Puppy had asked Wylder to show him that he was at his wedding that day … so he did.

With the most perfect surprise song …  

the most perfect surprise song

A picture perfect sunset …



Smooth waters just hours before the ceremony, after 5 days of a south swell …


Lots of love


Another absolute highlight of our short time on Maui was Ernest and his beautiful wife Lisa of course.  Our O’hana.  Oh how we love him. As we sat at the grill and listened to him sing songs for Steven and me, songs for Wylder, song so dear to our hearts that there truly are no words, we just listened.  Listened to each syllable, each string … and we cried.   The tears were flowing and although I am not one to cry around others, in that moment it felt like no one else was there.  All we felt was Wylder. 





Our cousin Holli put it perfectly about Ernest …. “That man has Jesus all around him”.  Ernest played these lyrics for us this trip and on the boat as we laid Wylder to rest.  I hold on to every word as he sings it …

How do you explain,
How do you describe,
A love that goes from east to west,
And runs and deep as it is wide?
You know all our hopes
Lord, you know all our fears
And words cannot express the love we feel
But we long for You to hear
So listen to our hearts
Hear our spirits sing
A song of praise that flows
From those You have redeemed
We will use the words we know
To tell You what an awesome God You are
But words are not enough
To tell You of our love
So listen to our hearts
If words could fall like rain
From these lips of mine
And if I had a thousand years
I would still run out of time
So if You listen to my heart
Every beat would say,
Thank You for the Life, thank You for the Truth, thank You for the Way.

On our final morning on the island I got up nice and early and paddled out to see Wylder.  There is nothing like being on that water with him.  This time it did not feel so much like goodbye … but rather forever you and me.  Aloha.  Xxoo


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  1. What a beautiful ceremony and celebration of love! I’m so glad you and Steven had time together with Wylder……Congratulations to Uncle Puppy and Corrin! Forever be in bliss!

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      I will pass on the message Leslie, they are so happy to be married to one another, it is beautiful. xoxo

  2. Sarah B. says:

    Beautiful! I love “forever you and me”…so very perfect and so reflective of a mother’s love! Thanks for sharing such a special occasion with us all!

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    What a wonderful post! So glad that you and Steven got to be wrapped in a cocoon of family love and to spend that wonderful time with Wylder. Thank you so much for sharing this time with us!

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