We met the Ingram’s

We met the Ingram’s!!!  For all of you that love our littles, Wylder James … then you know and love his pal Trek Atlas.  The little guy who’s Niemann Pick A diagnosis got his mom, dad, two big brothers and him traveling the whole globe … embracing life every step of the way.  Well, this 4th of July week Steven and I got to meet Trek’s family.  Although we wish, with our whole hearts, we could have meet Trek before he passed a year ago, we felt so connected to him by meeting his momma and big brothers Peyton and Conner in person.  The Ingram’s are back in the country and happened to be in the state Steven and I grew up in (Colorado) for a few weeks.  We felt could not pass up this opportunity to squeeze them in person … and it was simply magical.  A sort of unspoken forever bond and we picked up like we have known each other for our lifetime.  They are just as loving as a family they seem through their blog.  They just exude love.   Jarrett is in Texas working so we missed out on meeting him this trip, but we hope to see them all in Arizona sometime soon! 

wylder taking a nap with "flat" trek

wylder taking a nap with “flat” trek


I can honestly say I have never met a mother like Chelsea.  Her patients, dedication and love for her family is unbelievable and fun to watch in action.  Her boys are so happy and full of life … and in just the few days we got to spend with them, we learned very quickly that they got that from their mother.  None of them seem to take one moment for granite and they are one another’s protectors and best pal.  What a family. 


See all of our fun adventures and pictures from our amazing trip here on Chelsea’s Blog;   


Although I wish I never got to know the Ingram’s because of Niemann Pick A Disease … I will forever be grateful that they are a part of our lives.  Thank you for our special time with you Chelsea, Peyton and Conner!  The 4th of July was our first Holiday with Wylder, and our last.  It will always have such a bitter sweet place in our hearts now.  I was grateful for this beautiful distraction of the most loving family … THE INGRAM’S!!  PS.  Thanks Peyton for always showing me some extra love on our hourseshoe team (tee hee) … I needed it. xoxo

Our first 4th with Wylder

Our first 4th with Wylder

4th of July 2012 with Wylder

4th of July 2012 with Wylder



  1. <3 I really am so thrilled that you all got to meet. I look forward to our meeting one day – not IF, but WHEN ;) xoxo

  2. Cathy Johnson says:

    Love, love, love both yours and Chelsea’s posts. I am so happy you got to meet and hope that one day ALL “my” NPA families will get to hug each other for real! xoxoxo

  3. Shannon!!! I read this just minutes after you posted it, but my smart phone is getting me in trouble already, I can barely text message much less post a comment from it-hehe;) Thank you so much for your sweet words about our family. We are still talking about you and STeven and Wylder has now entered our conversations and “wishes” full force. I have talked about Wydler many times over the last year, and read them the first Warrior Wylder book, but meeting you must have made it real. They know little Magoo is Wylder and we read “little wish” every night since you left. They won’t let me go to bed until I read it to them and they rub the sparkly balloon on the front a make a wish. OMG-we all freakin love that book! Ok, I could go on and on, I am just going to have a write a post on the book, it seriously is a “thing” at our house right now. I am so glad we met you, we love you and STeven and Wylder so much!!! love, Chelsea

    • They are so so sweet! I love that they make wishes in the balloon every night … I should start to do that too ;). So happy for our time together and hope that RV of yours gets spruced up soon and is in our driveway. Miss you all. Xoxo S

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