PF Changs Marathon

Steven and I received the best and sweetest gift in the mail from the wonderful Phil and his family. 


Ohhh, the magic of Phil.  This literally made us light up and was so thoughtful of him.  After speaking with Phil on the phone we learned that his daughter Abby had the most to do with the layout and actual putting together of the shadow box.  Thanks Abby!!  It is a treasure now in our home forever.  The box includes the number Phil had across his chest as he ran the Boston Marathon 2013 with Wylder in his heart, the route he ran, the warrior himself, your playlist of tunes Phil listened to on his run and the marathon metal.  So many amazing trinkets to commemorate an amazing achievement and honor for our family.  Thank you Phil and fam, we love you all very much.



Phil's wife Anne with Alexa

Phil’s wife Anne with Alexa

Phil's son Matt and duaghter Abby (closest to the camera)

Phil’s son Matt and duaghter Abby (closest to the camera)

Abby in the soccer shirt :)

Abby in the soccer shirt :)

Phil has been slow to recuperate from his calf injury on the 100 mile marathon, but is slowly getting back into the swing of his love for running with the help of loads of physical therapy.  He is officially on the upswing and we were so glad to hear that news.  He also, let us know that Kelsey is recuperating from the same marathon, and already back to running some distance.  Yeah.  I love the amazing-ness of people like Phil and Kelsey that have come into our lives forever now. 

All this Phil talk keeps me on the discussion of running (of course) for this blog.  There is exciting news to report … this yeas official Charity of choice for the 2014 PF Chang’s Marathon here in the valley is TGen’s Center for Rare Childhood Disease!  Yeah!  There will be so much awareness for rare disease including Niemann Pick A at this run because Wylder is one of the kids featured to run for.  Oh, sweet Wylder … you are so loved. 

There is a method to my madness for telling you about this uh-mazing-ness so early, as the run is not until January 19th.  That is … in case you feel like running for Wylder and children with rare disease.  Oh yeah.  There is still plenty of time to train (coming from the person who has never run a day in her life, that is easy for me to say, ha!) and I know many of you out there have a love for running and may want to participate, so I wanted to give you lots of warning.  Please just email me and let me know and I’ll get you registered.  ( There is no pressure at all, seriously, just wanted to make sure I didn’t have anyone wishing they had known about the run sooner so they could have been involved.     

I often have felt a marathon is something I would love to learn and tackle myself, but as I huff and puff down my cold-e-sack barely making it to the end and hitching a ride from a neighbor the 4 houses home … I have come to realize it is not for me.  Oh well, you know I will be loud and proud on the sidelines on January 19th, cowbell and all!    

The future fundraising for this event will continue to go to Wylder’s Research Project at TGen.  I do promise there is more coming on the details of this project soon (we just continue to work through the contracts etc). 

Here is the brochure about a few of the Warrior Kids sponsored in the upcoming marathon.    


Goodnight sweet Wylder, we love and miss you.  We know that all things are possible because of you and the support of the Nation you continue to surround us with.  xoxo



  1. Cathy Johnson says:

    What a beautiful and touching gift. There can never be too many reminders of the Warrior! The marathon is exciting news, Shannon. And once again, thank you so much for continuing to put opportunities to fight rare disease out there for us to take advantage of. I can’t run a marathon, but I sure can participate in the fundraising and in spreading the word, so keep us posted. I for one don’t feel any pressure – I am grateful for any chance to help beat these nasty diseases in whatever small way I can. P.S. – I think that last picture of Wylder is one of my faves – I just want to give those chubby cheeks a smooch! xoxoxo

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      Thank you Cathy! Isn’t Phils gift just amazing, what a guy, what a guy. We have a few ready to run and loads of us that will be on the sidelines near and far (like YOU). Thank you so much for always believing in all that we are trying to do. We are so over the moon that there are people as good as you fighting right along side our NPA famlies. Glad you loved that sweet cheeks photo as much as I do. xoxo

  2. haha, that is so funny about you needing a ride:) that is me too, I can do it, but it hurts waaay too much:) it freaks me out that Phil is still recovering weeks later! I burned my tongue the other day on pizza and was pissed when 2 hours later it still hurt! omg. I miss you guys (Wylder included) and it made me smile that Wylder is one of the “cool” kids you can run for. That is so special. I can’t wait to see you guys again. xoxo ,Chelsea

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      You CRACK me up Chels, I feel the same way you do. It freak me out that Phil is just now starting to recover … and he is as in shape as it gets … yikes! We miss you all too, so much. Can’t wait for our next “adventure” together. xoxoxo

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