We are Back

We are back.  We enjoyed a wonderful holiday away last weekend in Breckenridge Colorado with fam.  That makes for our 13th trip … that right, 13th get away since our Nantucket visit last December.  PS.  Have I mentioned lately I want to go back to that dreamy-ville?!  Love you Tucket!!  Any who, back on track … we were glad to get out of our September 110 degree Arizona weather and feel that cool mountain air.  We spent the weekend celebrating Steven’s grandmother who passed away earlier this year.  It was remarkable to see how many of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren gathered.  There was a lot of love.  We also always have such a good time when we get to see our nieces and nephews who are growing in the blink of an eye, so we soak up every second we get with them. 

us being goofs

us being goofs

Briese Fam

We are back in the hot AZ air this week and busy little bee’s with work and an enormous list of to do’s.  I am grateful in many ways to be busy with work and being back in the swing of things, and other days it feels like I have stepped back in time.  Some days I feel energized and excited for the new faces I am meeting and for getting the creative juices flowing being back in design.  Other days I feel inundated with lists of to do’s as I come home more volunteer projects I wish I was attending and Wylder’s books stacked all around the house that I wish to be focusing on selling. 

It is the usual ying and yang, balance.  I am grateful for the busy-ness and that I am getting out of bed every day to do what I have always loved.  I do miss my down time however and I have to remind myself to slow down and feel (aka. Grieve) when necessary.  I always do best when I just take a few minutes a day and breath.   

I want to always make my time with Wylder, giving back and continuing to get Wylder Nation really ramped up a priority.   I have also vowed to myself I am going to continue writing here to all of you more.  It is such therapy and such a love and connection for me, which I have come to realize these last few weeks it is a MUST. 

Night,  night Wylder James.  Thank you for all you are doing and all the ways you are showing us YOU.  We love you little bean.  See you in our dreams.  xoxo


cute and magical toes


  1. Adriana Klas says:

    I love those little toes!!! XOXO

  2. so glad you are back-I have missed your writing:) and you look great with rainbow hair, you should consider it for a permanent look. xoxo :)

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    So glad to see you back. I’ve missed you, too. Can’t wait to hear about work and the latest and greatest happenings in Wylder Nation! Hugs, Shannon! xoxoxo

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