School Year Time

Thank you all so much for the beautiful well wishes for baby #2 on the way. We were absolutely inundated in the most wonderful way with love notes from so many of you overjoyed from the news. It has really been beautiful week full of love. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support once again. Also, baby officially has a nickname … meet Bruiser (tee hee).  Seeing how he is making my innards feel bruised and battered I found it perfectly fitting for the little dude.  :)

Karate Kick from Bruiser (ahhh yaahh)

Karate Kick from Bruiser (ahhh yaahh)

It is that time of year again, where school pictures are flying around face book and instagram from friends and family and all the kiddos egger to start their new school year. I love them, every photo.  I love all the little outfits, hair do’s and looks of pure excitement on their little faces.  I always have and they make me think of my own childhood and all the fun pictures taken as we prepared for the big first days and how fun that day always was. This year has been a bit different, each time a photo comes up I think of Wylder. Would he be going to school this year? How stylish he would be in his Hurley gear with his crazy hair.  Would I be walking him to the door and waving him off as I watched him skip off to a new group of friends or a favorite teacher?  I cannot help but wonder and dream.  I secretly think I would have kept him at home just one more year, as I would not have been ready to let him go just yet.  I think school and socialization is so very important for kiddos, but I would have just wanted Wylder all to my onesie just one most sweet satisfactory year.    


When I drive by the elementary school in our area and see the children on the playground, I always smile.  How free and happy they are.  How lucky they are to be healthy and on those monkey bars.  How much their parents love them and can’t wait to pick them up at the end of the day.  Such a special, special time time of year.  xoxo 



  1. I went through this last year and actually broken down and cried for days. I was an emotional wreck. This year is better but still tough. So glad you can find the bright side. I too got my insides kicked alot. Here’s to an enjoyable 6 more months.

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