As all of you know I love GOODNESS. I love the goodness of people in this World that we personally have come to see so much. I love how people come together for such amazing things that are so close to their hearts. When Steven and I were at the Global Gene’s Project Retreat a few weeks back we heard so many stories full of goodness over and over again. I felt like I had full time Goosebumps the entire weekend. I wanted to share two of those stories with you today about a few we had the pleasure of meeting at the conference.

#1. Photographer Rick Guidotti | Positive Exposure

Rick Guidotti is an award winning fashion photographer. After years and years of photographing high profile models his life changed on the streets on NY one day when he meet a beautiful little girl with albinism. It became clear to him that it was essential for people to understand and see the beauty in our shared humanity, not by what the fashion industry and often society label as beautiful. He realized these children with genetic difference needed to be seen s their parents and friends see them, beautiful. Ever since Rick has dedicated his life to doing just that as well as building programs empowering people living with difference.



#2. Chocolate Bar by Dylan Siegel

When 6-year-old Dylan Siegel found out his best friend Jonah had a rare liver disease, he was determined to help. He immediately sat down and wrote a book called “Chocolate Bar” and let his parents know he wanted to sell the book and give the money to help his friend fight this disease. The book is a list of everything Dylan thinks is totally awesome … aka. “so Chocolate Bar”. Well, he has done it … raising over $400,00 for his friend! That is SOOOO Chocolate bar.

chocolate bar


Ps. This is now a phrase Steven and I use all the time too. Along with if one of us is being sour or says something that the other doesn’t like … it’s immediately followed by “That is SOOO mayonnaise.”

A gentleman I met at the conference said to me he learned you should “find your Charity or God will find one for you”. WOW, so true. … that is soooo chocolate bar. xoxo



  1. Wylder James = Goodness. The sweetest human angel ever who taught the world more about love than a million could do in a lifetime.

    PS = You are simply radiant with that Lil Bruiser Bump, Shannon!! xoxoxox

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      He really does, doesn’t he Leslie?! Wylder continues to amaze us everyday with all that he is doing. And oh yes, little Bruiser is growing away … almost half way there!! xoxo

  2. Cathy Johnson says:

    I have officially incorporated “that’s so chocolate bar/mayonnaise” into my family’s vocabulary. The g-kids are gonna love it! These are both remarkable stories. Thank you so much for sharing and reminding us once again, that anyone, big or small can make a difference. xoxoxo

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