20 Weeks

I am half way there … 20 weeks along in this pregnancy.  WOW, it is so hard to believe.  Steven and I cannot stop talking about little Bruiser and we just cannot wait to meet him and shower him with love.  We feel so blessed to have another little boy on the way, although it certainly does not take away the pain of not having Wylder in our arms every day. 

a wave "HI"

a wave “HI”

Greif and pregnancy has already shown itself to be an interesting combination for me these last few months. This certainly does not take my pain away, but there is no doubt this little one will bring SO much joy into our lives (well, he already has).  The perfect hash tag for all we are feeling is #almostperfect



I cannot help but wonder what little Bruiser will look like.  Will he have Wylder’s round deep brown eyes or his daddy’s sparkly blue ones?  And of course, what about that hair … will he have all that hair like Wylder or maybe Bruiser will be bald proud of it (Tee hee).  I secretly hope for the simplicity of small freckles and secrete spots that will remind me of Wylder and their forever bond, while allowing him to look and be just who HE is suppose to be.

Bruiser is a very active little guy.  Steven and I have been feeling him moving around since about 15 weeks, incredible!  I have to tell you that is one of my favorite feelings in the entire world.  He measures about 7.5” long and all of his ultrasounds show him growing along perfectly (sigh).  He seems to prefer the evening time and really likes to show off when we talk about him (tee hee).  Did I tell you all that he is due on February 28th … National Rare Disease Day.  Uh-mazing.  Wylder only arrived one day before his due date … so I am hoping Bruiser will be right on time, round, beautiful and fully “cooked” up.  This little guy also seems to like things his daddy does… sandwiches, bread and a little sweet tooth (far from my normal appetite).        

photo 3

Bruiser has legs for days :)

Bruiser has legs for days :)

Steven and I haven’t made big plans on exactly nursery designs etc yet, we are thinking we want to meet this little one and co-sleep for as long as possible in the beginning.  We have started throwing around name ideas though … SO FUN!!  Isn’t naming your baby just so fun … and important.  SO much goes into a name, and after little Wylder James, we gotta come up with something very special.  For now he remains Bruiser and even when get our idea list down to 5 names or so, we will wait to give him his final name until he is in our arms. 

One thing I am totally certain of is my happiness for this baby.  I often compose a list in my mind of all the many things this baby will have an understanding of because of his big brother Wylder.  It is special for me to think of and always makes me smile. 

He will grow up knowing Wylder and the importance of kindness and giving to others
He will have a special bond and understanding for special needs kids
He will have patients and strength
He will understand all children are equal
He will be allowed to be wild and free
He will understand the gift of health
He will not judge others for their differences
He will understand that together family is the most important thing and can get through anything
He will certainly know Heaven is for Real
He will know nothing beats the sand in your toes and the salt water air
He will know all of his dreams can come true
He will be brave like a warrior
He will know all accomplishments are a gift
He will be positive
He will love of books
He will get that laughter is the best medicine
He will understand his big brother will look out for him
He will know that he is so very loved


 Night  Night Wylder, we love you and will see you in our dreams.  xoxo


  1. He is perfect!!! OMG Shannon and Steven, I am beyond happy for your sweet little family. This is just amazing and I can’t wait to see and know him too:) xoxo ,Chelsea

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      Thank you Chels, I can’t wait for the day “the adventure” pulls into our driveway and the Ingram’s meet Bruiser (sounds like a movie title) :) xoox

  2. I completely agree with everything here. Pregnancy and grief together make an imteresting combination. Beprepared for a wild journey. You look wonderful and sound great too! Our nursery isn’t done yet either (and she has been here 9 weeks already!) You will definitely find the perfect name when he is in your arms. Sending much love and hugs.

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      I can’t believe she is 9 weeks already Jill, what a little darling! I know you understand the gift of preganancy with the grief that is so much a part of our everyday lives all too well. I am certainly just taking this all one moment at a time for sure, and appreciating the good. Hugs and love back! xoxo

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    Oh Shannon, Bruiser is just perfect! And your list brings tears to my eyes because I see so many things on it that Wylder has taught me and I’m sure many, many others! I am so very happy for all of you and thankful that you are allowing us to share this special journey with you! xoxoxo

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      Thank you for saying that Cathy. The gift of Wylder and all that he continues to teach so many is our forever gift. Thanks for being on this special journey with us :) xoxo

  4. Cari Gallo says:

    In tears….both kinds, and so happy for you both. This baby boy is going to be a blessed one. :) You are as always beautiful. :) Other than your family, I do not believe there are 2 people who are more thrilled for 2 young, courageous people to get to experience a blessing that is well deserved. Gallo love to all 3 of you and to Wylder in heaven who is and will forever be yours and Bruiser’s guiding light.

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      We always feel the Gallo’s love coming our way! Love you all so much and can’t wait for you to meet Bruiser. Love coming right back at you!! xoxo :)

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