23:20:42 are magical numbers … that is because  Phil did it!  As of this morning he ran his first 100 mile marathon with the strength and love of Wylder, Quinn, Trek, Lilly, Jacob, Kaitlyn, Faith, Riley and Amber.  It was an amazing 24 hours even for us from a far in Arizona.  We felt so blessed and connected to the challenge Phil was undertaking to spread the word and raise awareness about Niemann Pick A and show his support for our families.    

 Phil and his team were able to text me updates throughout the run which I tried my best to get out on Twitter and FB, and I was so grateful for the updates.  It made me immediately think of not only Phil on those miles, but each individual child he was running for in those moments and made me feel more connected to each little one and their families.  It was quite emotional. 


 Phil’s updates went something like this, and included these pictures of the kids all pinned to his shirt as he concord mile after mile after mile

“First 10 for Garrett”

“Kaitlyn took me to 20, now it’s Lily’s Turn”


“Lily took care of me!! Riley’s turn!”


“Riley delivered as promised … 40 down.  Amber’s turn”


“Amber was awesome, half way through.  I feel great.  Heavy hitters on deck with Faith leading off”

“Trek is up, 70 done”


“Jacob is up … we are flying, eighty down”


“Thanks to Quinn 90 done” … “let’s go Wylder! ”


“100 mile finisher in 23:20:42.  The angelic intervention of the team was unbelievable”

After an accomplishment of this magnitude I am not only over the moon once again for Phil and all he does, but reminded of the power and strength of our Niemann Pick A community.  (the family you never hoped to have, but will always be glad you found).  Phil found the strength to get this done because of OUR kids, wow.  He ran for nearly 24 hours straight, including through a dark and chilly night, because our kids never took a single step.  He thought of them and drew strength from their accomplishments and lives.  Wow.  I will never be able to fully understand how Phil can run 100 miles, and all that that requires … but I will fully understand how my kiddo, my Wylder, gives unimaginable strength, love and perspective through times of need.  Thank you to all of the families who joined the “team” making this such a special, special, special accomplishment.         

HUGMUNGOUS thank you to all who donated to Wylder Nation thru Phil’s virtual pacer silent auction.   You all cease to amaze Steven and me with your ability to show your support … even when we only shared about all that was happening just hours before Phil took off.  For you we are forever grateful.  The work and accomplishments we plan to take on would not be possible without your generosity.  Thank you.

Thank you for keeping Phil safe Wylder and showing him the way.  You are magical to me forever and always.  Thank you for ALL that you continue to do and the friendships you are bringing into our life.  We love and miss you and will see you in our dreams.  xoxo


  1. Cathy Johnson says:

    UH-MAZING man lofted on the wings of the most UH-MAZING angels. I have no words – just a lump in my throat and overwhelming UH-MAZEMENT at the continued accomplishments of Wylder Nation! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. i just keep coming back to all of the updates and now your post and i get chills every single time!! i have no doubt that our babies were running right along side him. i went to visit quinn today and told her how proud i was of her and all of her friends for helping phil through. and thank you and steven for ever making the connection to phil – such an amazing relationship and resource!!!! xoxoxo

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      They are goosey moments arn’t they Eileen? I love that Phil wanted to do this for all our babies, and I know they were right there with him too. I told the kiddos thank you too, so special. We miss Quinn, and I am so sorry you have to have the pain you do. We are here for you. All our love. xoxo

  3. that was so touching how you said, “he ran b/c they never took a step”. That was beautiful Shannon, thank you for all you do for our community and thank you Phil for this amazing feat. You are one amazing guy. so much love, Chelsea

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      He really is Chelsea, it is incredible what he does for our families and how he has really been touhced by our kids. We just love Phil. Thank you for letting sweet Trek be a part of this. xoxo


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