PF Changs Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon


Mark your calendars Wylder Nation, Phil is coming to the valley of the sun to run the PF Changs Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon  to run for sweet Wylder James and all NPA Angels once again!!  Wow.  We are so excited to have him on our own turf running more miracle miles.

-The Marathon is January 19, 2014 –

If you are in the area, or can be, please plan to be on the sidelines with us, cheering him every step of the way!


We have created a footprint campaign to raise awareness and fundraise for this event that is only 30 days away from today!  The funds will go directly to Wylder Nation Foundation, a 2014 sponsor of team TGen (an official charity of this year’s PF Changs Marathon) and home of  “Wylder’s Research Project” .   For Wylder, who never walked a single step in his life, but left his footprints on the hearts of thousands, forever paving the way to help others battling Lysosomal Storage Disorders. For Phil, who with every step he runs reminds us about commitment, community and perseverance.

WN FOUNDATION FOOTPRINT CAMPAIGN – for PF Changs Rock n Roll Marathon 2014

GOAL:  38 cents for every STEP it takes to run a marathon!

MARATHON: 26.2 miles and roughly 33,064 Steps


FUNDRAISING GOAL: 33,064 steps x .38 = $12,564

Donate Now

Our goal is BIG for a 30 day period, but we know together we can do it.  The only way to get it done is to spread the word so please feel free to share this donation link ( with your friends and family…  and even consider starting your own fundraiser/campaign for the cause.  To do that simply “join the team” and create your own fundraisers LINK.  Make sure to choose Wylder Nation Foundation as your donor

marathonphotoThank you for your continued support.  We simply could not do this without you, and your contribution WILL make a difference.  We are on our way now, in a BIG way.  Every step of these marathons is not just for ONE, but for many.  For all those NPA Angels, for all who continue to persevere today and for the many children with LSD’s that we will put our minds, hearts and funding towards.

Thank you Phil, for all you do … we can’t wait to see you next month! World Rare Disease day (aka Bruiser birthday day) is February 28th.  So this is it.  We are celebrating and raising awareness a bit early next year.   Bruiser is 30 weeks along today, wow!  I continue to feel blessed beyond words and we cannot wait to meet him … 10 weeks and counting!

We love and miss you Wylder.  We know that all things ARE possible because of you.  Please take care of Phil as he trains for his next run with you and continue to show us your light in the many ways you do.  We will see you in our dreams little one. xoxo
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  1. wow!!! this is amazing!! Phil and Wylder Nation is paving the way for a cure! I am so proud of you guys-thank you for all you do. and 30 weeks!! Eeeek-its almost time to meet new baby!!! xoxo, Chelsea

  2. Thank you chels. We are so thrilled to have Phil here soon. And baby bruiser, well i almost can’t handle it … I can’t wait to see his sweet face!! Xoxo

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