Steven and I had a great start to 2014 this weekend.  We felt completely inspired after watching the Watoto choir perform on Friday night.  These kids present Watoto’s vision and mission “through their music and dance, which is an energetic fusion of contemporary gospel and traditional African rhythm.”  This choir has been touring internationally since 1994 as share their love for Jesus.  It is clear that He is all around them.  I cried my way through the entire performance, feeling completely inspired and blessed.  Theses Wototo children on tour range in age from 6 to 15.  They have turned unthinkable hardships they have endured in their life into remarkable inspiration while sharing their love of their homeland Africa.

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You can learn more about these children for yourself and how the Watoto Child Care Ministries is raising the next generation of Ugandan leaders by pursuing excellence in academic and practical skills, integrity in conduct and moral values, so that each child will become a responsible Christian and a productive citizen of Uganda. Single-family dwellings are constructed to provide shelter for the most destitute children. Watoto is strongly committed to placing the children in a family environment rather than in large institutional orphanages. Once enrolled in Watoto the children remain a part of their new family for life.


Below is the choirs travel schedule for the next few months.  If they are planning to be in your area, I am telling you they are a MUST see!!   You will leave uplifted and inspired.  http://www.watoto.com/the-choir/see-the-choir

San Diego Family they will be in your area on the 19th!!

LA family they will be near you on the 24th and 26th!!

If they are not going to be in your area you can hear their sweet voices and buy their CD (“beautiful africa” is the performance Steven and I were awe-struck about)  http://www.watoto.com/online-store?scat=3

The “nesting phase” of pregnancy has officially kicked into high gear now that the new year underway.  32 weeks with little Bruiser who is growing right on track and still earning the rights to his nickname with all his moving and shaking.  The sorrow that comes with the taking down of the Grinch tree and Christmas décor, was a bit revived with the beginning of about 40 loads of laundry, co-sleeper building, car seat securing and getting ready for our second little guy.


Wylder, we love and miss you little one.  I thought of your so much during the concert this weekend and pulling out lots of goodies I remember you using for the first time, that your brother will now use.  You are everywhere.  2014 will be filled with love for you and all you do.  We will see you in our dreams. xoxo


  1. Cathy Johnson says:

    Oh Shannon – I having a little bit of envy here. I would soooo love to see the choir. So sad that so far they are not touring anywhere near me. But that CD is already purchased! LOVE that the nesting has begun. Absolutely cannot wait to meet precious little Bruiser! xoxoxo

    • You are going to just LOVE that cd Cathy!!!! I was blasting it on my way to work today. I wish you could see them live … But I am so glad you will be able to hear their sweet voices. Xoxo

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