RAK Day 2014

It is so hard to believe this day is here once again, somehow every year it does manage to show up.  It is RAK (Random Act of Kindness) day.  A few years back on January 7th I decided to change Wylder “Diagnosis Day”  to a day where we would all do a random act of kindness in his honor instead.  It really helps to take some of the fear and anxiety away from the day, knowing good deeds are happening in his honor across the globe.  It really helps to change the focus of what seems like an impossible day, to now a day that will help another … and how someone new will learn of our most beautiful Warrior.  It will certainly always be a day of reflection for me, and to be truthful it feels surreal that this day back in 2010 happened.  I still dream of waking up from what I am hopeful was only a nightmare diagnosis.   

Wylder January 2010

Wylder January 2010


 I will look forward to waking up today,  January 7, 2014 knowing how many are thinking of Wylder and how a RAK for Wylder will reflect someone in a positive way TODAY.  That is perfectly Wylder way.

We are just 8 days away from Phil’s BIG arrival to run the PF Changs Rock N’ Roll Marathon here in AZ.  One day a kiddo’s “Diagnosis Day” won’t be followed by the grim words “there are no options, no treatments, no cure” … they will say “call Wylder Nation Foundation” … And HOPE will be their protector!  Until that day.      

Online fundraising for Wylder Nation Foundation  -  PF Changs Rock 'n' Roll Marathon 2014

(If each person that reads this blog donates only $10 as their RAK today, we will raise $10,000 overnight and reach our goal by morning) 

HUGE thank you to all who have donated and continue to show us your support for our commitment.  What you do DOES matter and WILL help other kids.  Thank you all for your love and HOPE ALWAYS.

Wylder, I will forever be blessed because I had you.  You will always be my greatest gift.  See you in my dreams little darling.  xoxo 

wylder summer 2012

wylder summer 2012



  1. #RAK2014 #rememberalways #LovingAWarrior


    xoxoxox WylderNationNY donated

  2. We love you WN New York!!! Thank you for all you do Leslie!! Xoxo

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    Shannon, when you started RAK day, you inspired me to be more proactive with my RAKs. I have a list of little RAKs I like to do, with each category assigned to one of our NPD babies. Wylder is my McDonald’s kid. :) I don’t eat at McDonalds a lot, but I have a penchant for anything McCafe, so I’m a frequent visitor. I love to pick up the tab for the person behind me and when I do that, the cashier always asks what I want him/her to tell the person. And that is, “Wylder wishes you a nice day.” Thank you for the joy that brings, Mr. LIttles! xoxoxo

  4. awww, what a horrible day that you have made beautiful. I am so sorry this day exists for you, I know thinking about that day is without words, I remember every smell, thought, sound and feeling from Trek’s D-day-oh God-it was so…I know you totally understand. I love this idea you have to bring some light on it, we sent some support to Wylder’s Razoo fund, I cannot wait to see all you and Steven and your 2 little boys will accomplish in this life! xoxo ,Chelsea

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      Thank you so much Chels. We have always felt your love and support from wherever the Ingram’s are in their travels. I know you know all to well these swelling feelings. Sending our love to you (and hope you busted out of the hospital). xoxo

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