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Amanda has done it again.  She has written another beautiful article introducing Wylder and the Wylder Nation Foundation to the DC Ranch and Gray Hawk area here in North Scottsdale.  Her words and ability to capture little Wylder always amaze me.  I am in awe of her kindness and abilities. (click on the photo below to read the article)


I am not sure I have really ever properly introduced Amanda to all of you.  When she came into our home for the first to meet our entire family back in 2012, we did not know in that moment we would be meeting such a friend.  A true inspiration.  A strong and intelligent women.  A humanitarian. A mother of strong young boys herself.   A Philanthropist.  An Advocate.


She not only holds a full time job here in the valley as writer and editor of AZ images Magazine, she is the founder and director of Compassionate Journeys – A nonprofit organization committed to stop the cycle of human trafficking.  At times she spends months on the other side of the world, traveling to Ghana, to volunteer to build a home for rescued child slaves.  Amanda is a woman who gives with her whole heart to those less fortunate, and strives to make a difference.  She does none of it for the glamour or praise, she does it to help.  It is her soul.

You can learn about Compassionate Journeys

 She also teamed up with a friend, and biked across America to raise awareness about Human Trafficking.


Amanda spends her life helping others.  We feel so grateful that Wylder has brought another person into our lives with such life goals and examples.  We know our meeting was once again no accident … truly devine intervention.  Amanda, thank you for all you do.      

Amanda Christmann Larson has now written three articles about Wylder, helped us with some of our copyright writings for WNFoundation and even read her poem for Wylder at his memorial.   She is another reminder to me of how blessed we are to have the people we do in our lives.  (see all of the articles amanda has written for wylder here;

Wylder we love and miss you little one.  We are so grateful for the people you continue to bring into our lives that show us the ways and ability help those less fortunate than us.  Our life mission has changed because of you, and you continue to show us the way.  33 weeks along with you little brother now, keep him safe.  See you in our dreams.  Xoxo


Bruiser, will you look like your brother???


  1. Amanda has been amazing to us as well .She captured Shelby’s story better than I could. And Shelby has been blessed by her son Jake’s friendship. We love you Amanda!

  2. Shannon and Steven, I am so touched that you wrote this. It took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. I feel such a strong sense of purpose in our meeting, and the two of you and Wylder (and Bruiser!) are such incredibly special people. Love to you all!

    And Renee, thank you. You have a very special gift in your little girl. <3

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      Every word is so true, you are an amazing woman and such a gift and example for us.
      Grateful for YOU :) xoxo

  3. Like Phil and all of the amazing researchers, Amanda is another Human Angel carrying on Wylder’s legacy. What a beautiful tribute!

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      She really is Leslie, we feel so blessed for the people that continue to be brought into our lives. (ps. you know you and WN NY is one of them :)) xoxo

  4. Wow, she captured your story PERFECTLY and the love you all 4 share. This new little baby is so lucky to be born into so much love from 3 amazing people. I am so glad she wrote this-its just beautiful-xoxo ,CHelsea

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      Thanks Chelsea. I wish I had the gift of writing like you and Amanda!! She always shares sweet wylder in such a beautiful way. Thanks for the love chels, hope you are feeling good! xoxo

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