Marathon Weekend

What a weekend.  We went bell to bell each day and loved every second of having Phil here in the valley.   We felt completely blessed to have him once again running for Wylder, the friendship we have built, and to have him meet a few of our friends and family here in town.

Each time we spend more time with Phil, we learn more about just how amazing he is.  He really has a heart of gold and I feel inspired by his story of how endurance running has truly changed every aspect of his life.  He recommended reading a book called “Born to Run”, so I am going to get it!  (even if I don’t ever start running, tee hee).

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Yesterday we woke up to beautiful blue skies and crispy winter air.  It was picture perfect for the thousands planning to run the marathon.  We dropped Phil and Lisa off at the start line around 7:00am and would see them again next at the 14 mile marker.

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Backtrack!!  Who is Lisa?!  (tee hee).  Lisa is another member of Phil’s Running for Rare Disease team.  I met her last April at the Boston Marathon and she is a truly inspiring woman having run over 78 marathons.  WOW!  She is also an employee of Genzyme, and flew into the valley on Friday from California.  She has been partnered with Hayden and Tanner, friends of ours here in the valley battling mitochondrial disease with a set of Rock star Parents!   Although Lisa suffered a hamstring injury during first 2 miles of this race, it did NOT stop her from completing the full marathon for Tanner and Hayden.  Watching her bend down to give Tanner a hug as she came into the home stretch towards the finish line was a beautiful moment, and just why these Rare Disease Runners do what they do!  She will be running the Boston Marathon this year for the boys!!

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We had about 20 friends and family members meet us at the 14 mile marker to claim our WN territory and cheer Phil on.  Even though he sort of snuck up on us, we spotted him!!

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pom pom and WN sticker = priceless

pom pom and WN sticker = priceless

our youngest cheerleader, baby Rome

our youngest cheerleader, baby Rome

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Yelling, goooo Wylder!

Yelling, goooo Wylder!

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We then crossed the street to watch him come around again at the 18 mile marker.  As he came to a stop to meet some friends and family he said “hey everybody, what going on”… “thank you all for coming”  ba ha ha!!  The man was not even out of breath.   Have I mentioned lately he is uh-mazing.

See you at the finish Phil

See you at the finish Phil

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Bruiser's first Marathon

Bruiser’s first Marathon

We cannot thank our friends and family enough for coming out.  Getting your kids up bright and shiny, clapping some clappers, blowing some bubbles and showing up with Wylder signs in hand and warm donuts … you all are the BEST!!! (ps.  Bruiser LOVES doughnuts!!!)  We don’t know what we would do without all of you … truly.

Then it was finish line time!!  We watch Phil come into the home stretch of the finish line completing another Marathon with our Wylder James on his shoulders.   Beautiful.

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It was a wonderful weekend full of new cherished memories.   We also had dinner out with friends, toured TGen, and introduced Phil and Lisa to the many children and their families that go the Center for Rare Childhood Disorders at the TGen Dinner.

TGen Runners and Their Partners

TGen Runners and Their Partners

The weekend wrapped up beautifully with the big Bronco game win!!  Steven was on his best behavior and didn’t hassle Phil too much about Brady and his Patriots (tee hee).  Phil has now promised to cheer on the Broncos for the 2014 super bowl!!!

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Thank you all for your generous donations and support for this Marathon.  Grateful is such an understatement about how we feel to be surrounded by such amazing people in our lives.  The final donated amount was $4,500 in just over 2 weeks … Uh-mazing. is off to a beautiful beginning and WILL help children because of your efforts.  WNFoundation was an official sponsor of TGen at this year’s Marathon.  TGEN’s Center for Rare Childhood Disorders has the LARGEST team of runners in the marathon!!  Even Dr. N ran the ½ marathon (writing the name of EVERY SINGLE ONE of his patients on the back of his shirt).  WOW!!

Dr N

I just know you loved your run little Wylder.  Thank you for keeping Phil and Lisa safe and for the beautiful blue skies.  Thank you for showing me (again) this weekend, how  those that will not get to physically meet you in this lifetime will still very much know you forever and always.  We love you and will see you in our dreams.  xoxo

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  1. I love that even Maddie-girl came to cheer! I am so awe-struck at how Wylder continues to touch hearts all over the world in the name of living and loving in the moment. Thank you again Phil and Lisa xoxoxox

  2. AWW! LOVE THE SUPPORT!! makes me tingle inside! If you can look up MeGSMILES…she was a young girl that was killed while running… Her mother was my teacher in school:) Meg made me think of Phil and all the running he does!
    Keep pushing forward!
    Did you find out yet if its a boy or girl? or are you waiting the the big day? it looks to me like a BOY:)

    • Thank you for sharing Meg’s story with me, I am just touched by people who are born to run. They are incredible to me!! We are having another little boy, you are right!! :). Thank you for your support. Xoxo

      • oh cool!! a baby boy! they just melt your heart! I have 2…and girl … and OURSONNYLIFE is having a baby girl!! Just melts my heart for you ALL!!!
        Glad you enjoyed the story….i just saw that 30K was raised for her touching!
        THank you for sharing your story w us!! XOXOX From RICHMOND VA!

        • Mommy and Daddy says:

          I just love baby boys Stacy, they make my heart melt!! I am so happy for Jarrett and Chelsea to be having a girl though … I think she is going to have so much fun buying pink and ruffles :). That is amazing for their family!! xoxo S

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    Amazing! Uh-mazing! Fantastic! Phil and Lisa – you are both heroes to so many! May you feel the love and support from near and far and feel the breeze of angel wings with every step of every race. Shannon and Steven – you both look radiantly proud and happy in these pics – I LOVE to see that! And love, love, love that Bruiser Bump – adorable. Wylder, you continue to reach us all in your remarkable ways – thank you! xoxoxo

    • Heros’s is the perfect word for them!! Lisa and Phil both feel so loved and supported by wylder nation crew … What a blessing. Bruiser bump is in full affect no doubt, loving him already. Thank you for continuing to read this blog Cathy and believing in all things wylderr!! Xoxo

  4. Thank you for the positive words but the heroes are really the community members connected to the Center for rare Childhood diseases! This community is changing the world, one family at a time! S

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