Capturing a Moment

How do you thank someone, friends, for capturing a memory that is so important to your heart?

Laffoon Maternity vintage-12

Last week we went out on an amazing photo shoot with our dear friends Amber and Warren, Willow Brett Photography, to capture Little Bruiser and the gift of pregnancy before his big arrival at the end of this month (eek!!).

Sometimes a picture is simply worth a thousand words;

Their talent and friendship made it a perfect match for our first ever family maternity shoot.  We are in love with every photo.  The reality that this could be my last pregnancy due to the expense of PGD (getting pregnant with NPA genes), is making me treasure every kick and hiccup even more fully, and these pictures will be treasured forever.

We trust Amber, Warren  and their photography talents completely, which allowed us to go a bit out of our comfort zone to pay tribute to our sweet Warrior Wylder and his little Warrior brother.  The importance of paying tribute to Wylder and incorporating him into the shoot was not only important to our hearts, Amber and Warren had put so much thought into how to make sure Wylder was with us every step of the way, it was truly uh-mazing.

Willow Bret Photography is an amazing husband wife team with two beautiful girls that are allowed to be completely wild and free, because our Wylder touched their mom and dad’s souls forever.  We are blessed to call them our friends.  A family that does not take the health of their children for granite, and who oozes family love.  Capturing special moments and memories in people’s lives is their gift.  If you are in Arizona and looking for a photographer to capture your special moments call them up … you will not regret it;

February 28th is right around the corner, Bruiser we cannot wait to hold you in our arms so soon.  You are already so loved little one.  Wylder, we love and miss you.  Thanks for being with us on our photo shoot, we see you in every sunset.  See you in our dreams.  xoxo

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  1. Cathy Johnson says:

    Stunning! I could look at the happiness on your faces all day! xoxoxo

  2. Bristelle says:

    These photos are absolutely breathtaking!! Love that you have the memory of this special time on film and were able to include Wylder.

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      Thank you so much Bristelle. They are such amazingly talented photographers, and we are so happy to have memories in photos. xoxo

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Feeling Wylder and letting the family guide the way. Wishing you rest the next few weeks.

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