A Beautiful Tribute

I have written about MGA healthcare a few times here on this blog, but they really are an amazing company worth sharing about over and over again.  Well, they have once again outdone themselves.  MGA healthcare is a provider here in the valley (and other states) that helps families get a home health nurse they need for their families.  They come over to meet your family and then look for a perfect match.  WOW, have they got it down … you all know how much we love Nurse Rachel and how she really became a part of our family.


Their lead nursing staff, sales staff, admin and owner also showed up on our doorstep on May 15, 2012 with HUNDREDS of balloons for Wylder … surprise!!!!  They really fall in love with your children and it shows with all they do.  They go above and beyond, always.


Well, MGA moved office locations in the last year.  With blank walls staring at them, they had a beautiful idea.  They created a tribute wall for the children they have come to know and love, and who are gone too soon.  So we got a beautiful call inviting us to see the revealing of this wall, and our Wylder’s tribute, and it was a breathtaking evening.  Each head nurse talked about the kids and helped to design their “plaques” based on what they knew about the kiddos.  Katrine is our special head nurse and friend and shared her special memories of Wylder and did an unbelievable job designing his plaque.  WOW.

Then there was a moment of silence to honor the kiddos and each drape was removed one by one …


The reveal …

photo 4 (2)

Wylder’s special plaque … it’s just perfect for him!!

photo 4 (3)

Thank you MGA for all you continue to do, and believing in all things Wylder.  You are so special to us.  We love to think of a little bit of Wylder in your offices each day as you work so hard for such special kids.  Your compassion is effortless and so very appreciated.  Thank you for remembering always.

photo 1 (1)

MGA owner Dave and Steven

MGA owner Dave and Steven

Katrine and I

Katrine and I

I know many of you reading Wylder’s blog have children with special needs.  If you are looking for a home health company, MGA will take fantastic care of your kids.  You can learn more about them here http://mgahealthcare.com/

Wylder we love and miss you.  7 days away from your brothers big due date. We can’t wait to meet him and see pieces of you through him.  See you in our dreams little darling. xoxo



  1. Typing through tears…..What an amazing organization! And the plaque!!! I’m breathless….a smiling whale with a red balloon. Perfection. Just like Wylder xoxoxox

    You look fabulous, Shannon! How are you feeling? WylderNation NY is quite excited as the big day approaches!

  2. I know Leslie, I felt the same way … There was not a dry eye. The goodness in people is often overwhelming to me. I am feeling good pregnancy wise. 8 days away,
    But who’s counting (tee hee). We can’t wait to meet him!! Any day now, doc thinks he will be on time so it’s just a waiting game now. We will def keep you posted! Xoxo

  3. Victoria Heiden says:

    I was so sad to miss this. My son’s name is on a plaque on the wall. Daqaun!! He’s been gone 1 yr and 5 days and it feels like yesterday. :( But I couldn’t agree with you more about MGA. They are a blessing! We had the best nurses from them for over 8 yrs. I’m so sorry about Wyler. But those special children are gifts from God for the short time we are blessed to love them.

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      You will have to go down to the office and see them in person, they really are breath taking. MGA did a beautiful job. I am so sorry to hear about Daqaun, you are very right … They are auch gifts from God. We are blessed to be their mommas. Xoxo

  4. Cathy Johnson says:

    Such wonderfulness! I love that MGA chose to honor so many precious little ones, rather than just paint a wall. Wylder’s tribute is just perfect and it is not hard to imagine the smiles through tears on these faces of those present for the unveiling. I have always believed that the best way to maintain awareness and continue to motivate people to action is putting faces to names – creating a recognition factor that keeps us thinking about ways to conquer the syndromes and diseases that put our children into the “special needs” arena. Thank you Wylder and all of your friends for giving me a daily nudge to keep working toward the day there are no more “special needs” kiddos! xoxoxo

    • You are SO right Cathy!! Remembering always iS the key. MGA honored each individual kiddo so beautifully, and Wylder’s plaque was just so him. Thank you for sticking by our families always and helping in the quest for change and find treatments for those who deserve them. Xoxo

  5. It’s PERFECT. ♥

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      Thank you Sarah. I am sorry we missed you that night. I hope you got to go by and see mylee’s in person … It’s beautiful, just like her. Xoxo

  6. soo cute and so is your belly:) Wylder has the cutest little plaque on the wall-thanks for sharing with us and we can’t wait to meet Wylder’s little brother!! xoxo ,chelsea

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