It’s almost time.  Butterflies are in full affect in my stomach with nerves, excitement for change and so so so much more.  This Saturday we will be with just over 200 of you, because of the biggest life I have ever know, my Wylder.  We will all come together for change and to help others.

cuteness coming through!!!!

The auction is officially online for all of you to check out!!  Simply click on the link below.


The silent auction is open now through 12th at 8:15pm.  You can bid online or at the gala (from near or far).  When registering be sure to include your cell number as you can get updates if you have been outbid ect.

We are incredibly grateful to all who donated these amazing items.  There is a little something for everyone.

Thank you Wylder Nation.

Wylder, we love and miss you little one.  Thank you for giving us the strength.  We pray we will do you proud and make a difference for other families quickly.  See you in our dreams.

wylder-warrior-gala FINAL


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