Gala Refelction

I cannot believe it has been more than one month since the 1st annual Wylder Nation Foundation Gala.  Wow, time is just flying by.  Some nights when I go to bed, just missing Wylder so much … I think of that special night and how much He continues to do here and how grateful we are for the people in our lives.

We got the video sort of  “summarizing” the event/evening from Elevation Digital Media.  I could watch it a thousand times over.  Please click on the photo below to watch the video.

wylder-71-of-358I am working on thank you’s and contribution letters now, and my cup runith over. Hope to have them heading out to all of you amazing givers by the end of the week.

We miss you and we love you Wylder.  Wish i could write more, but my eyes are tired from your extra zesty non-sleepy brother.  See you in our dreams little one.  xoxo



  1. Cathy Johnson says:

    No thanks necessary, Shannon! I am the one thanking you and Steven for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing event! So, thank you! And thank you Wylder for continuing to inspire us to perservere!

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