Fall is Here

It is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that October is here. Is it really fall already? Where has this year gone? My excuse for not writing as often as my heart wants to …. is this sweet faced, VERY busy baby boy … that I just cannot get enough of.

koa 7months

same sparkle as his big brother

Wylders Trip 175

Wylder smirk fall 2009

I wish they made a ‘Koa pill’ that everyone could take just to feel pure joy, even if only for a moment. He is just pure awesome-ness.

because sometimes life calls for knee pads and an exercise mat

because sometimes life calls for knee pads and an exercise mat

October is in fact here, making it National Niemann Pick Awareness Month. We are doing our part this month to continue to raise awareness and working hard behind the scenes of the Foundation (wyldernation.org). Steven is up late night, after work, working long hours on the foundation. Studying, organizing and collaborating to be sure the funding we have received so far is going to the BEST option for these kids. Doing his do-diligence to be sure dollars are not being spent on science that has already been done and collaborating with some of the greatest scientific minds for theses kiddos. It is amazing to watch (and exhausting). It is a tedious process, and we both feel strongly that the fastest results long term will come with the most detailed work upfront, so these late nights and weekends spent warrior-ing will be more than worth it in the long run.

We ask you, Wylder Nation, to continue to Live like a WARRIOR this month and spread awareness.






Remember Always,

Wylder James and all of the little warriors in the fight and those gone too soon

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.04.09 PM

Today, October 8th, also marks Koa’s 7-month birthday. What?!?!? How is that possible? Here is what Koa can do in a nutshell to date.


Weighs 18 lbs.  Army crawls at lightning speed and doesn’t’ understand why around the toilet is off limits. Loves to swing outside. Sits up. Drinks from a Sippy cup at snack time. Prefers to feed himself (which leaves for major messes). Likes Mum Mums. Says da-da. Doesn’t like diaper changes. Doesn’t have any teeth yet. Loves music toys. Is super ticklish. Favorite game is peekaboo. Gives kisses to us and himself (in mirrors). He rocks up on all fours, but has not officially crawled yet. Does some wicked yoga positions. Open and closes cabinet doors over and over again. Loves to dive off the bed into our arms (an awesome “worst parent of the year” trick we taught him). Is starting to be a bit Leary of new faces. Is all rough and tumble boy. Wrinkles his nose when the sun hits his face. Is pure joy and full of love, smiles and giggles everyday. Still loves to swim, even though our pool water is fridge. Has almost no red left in his hair, and it a totally blond. His eyes are still the color of the ocean. And is going to be a Lion for his first Halloween … “You’re gonna here me ROAR” is right!

IMG_7915 IMG_7974 IMG_8120 IMG_8141

IMG_8154 IMG_8180



photo 1-22

It is going so fast, and it is such a joy to be a part of Koa’s changing needs and wants everyday that I find myself just soaking it up. Many parents CAN’T finds the time to even shower in the day because of the busy-ness of having kids, while I find myself never leaving my sweats on purpose for just one nap wit him on my chest, knowing these days wont be here forever. We have also, begun to baby proof for the first, even though we have been parents for over 5 years, which leaves our hearts both full and empty. Keeping up with Koa’s extra zesty spirit while missing the soft snuggles from our little cuddle love Wylder.


We love you and we miss you Wylder James. We watch you in every sunset.   We promise to continue to work hard for others in your honor and be grateful everyday. I have been thinking of all of your Halloween’s, Thanksgiving’s and Christmas’s and this season approaches. Your memories and smiles are in our hearts. See you in our dreams little one. xoxo

Koa and Wylder making the same sweet “i didn’t do it face” at 7 months old …

24 IMG_7816


Such sweet brothers …

Wylders Trip 143 photo 2-20

By the way, the best way to stay up to date with Koa picts is on instagram/shannonLaffoon


  1. Cathy Johnson says:

    Oh, Shannon! All such precious pics, but the bottom two are absolutely from Heaven. No one will ever be able to say that Koa does not know his big brother – that’s for sure. I’m sure Wylder gave him very valuable tips on how to melt Mom and Dad’s hearts with the “I didn’t do it” look! Blessings on both you and Steven for your awesome Warrior-ness and the work that you are doing through WNF. Wylder Nation Michigan doing our best to raise awareness this month and always! Much love to all of you! xoxoxo

    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      You are so right Cathy, Koa will always know his bog brother. Thank you for your kind words and for keeping the impact going. Sending our love back. xoxo

  2. Nanci Glassman says:

    What a joy it is to read your posts. I hope you do soak up every second of Koa’s sweet babyhood. I am confident that he is learning things from Wylder as we speak. Both such beautiful boys with such big smiles. So lovable…

    Keep an eye on that “diving off the bed” trick. After tiring of the sofa, my son did it over an open dishwasher (luckily didn’t get hurt), earning me the “worst mom ever award.” We laughed about that for a year, until I fed him the aspirin in my left hand, thinking it was the Cheerio in my right hand. Keep your sense of humor!!


    • Mommy and Daddy says:

      Well, I am trying to type you a reply Nanci … but I am laughing SO hard it seems impossible!! Oh the aspirin …. ba ha ha. Reminds me of a story way back before kids when I left Maddie’s (the dogs) pills out on the counter and Steven walked by and just took them Like a reflex. ha ha!! He was freaking and I was on my back from laughing so hard! Too funny. I am sure there are many moments to come with Koa. Sense of humor is the key to life!! xoxo

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