It’s been a while

Has it really been since before Halloween that I have written? WOW! The time is flying by and I wish I could figure out a way to just freeze it for a minute. I have been missing writing so much.

We stayed very busy over the holiday’s and enjoyed our first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with Koa while simultaneously missing our Wylder and wishing brothers were side by side for all of these firsts. This season felt more bitter sweet than ever.

little lion

little lion

Thanksgiving with the fan

Thanksgiving with the fam


Koa is 10 whole months already and here is the scoop on what his zesty little self is up too;

He has his two bottom teeth. He took his first steps on 1.16.2015. He never stops moving and is 100% all boy. He weighs 20 lbs. He snuggles and kisses mommy and rough houses with daddy. He can say mum-me, Da-da, Pop, Stink (“tinkt”), Ba-Ba, bye bye and says ahhh after he or we have a refreshing sip of water (ha ha). He still loves bath time and goes to swim lessons.   He is an independent eater, therefore making him the messy-ist eater on the planet. His favorite toys are cars and a fisher price refrigerator. He loves clapping and is starting to wave. He slides on his tummy backwards off of sofas and the bed (yep, and smiles the ENTIRE way down). He has an obsession with wheels on toys and opening and closing cabinets . It takes him a while to warm up to new faces yet he stares at people in public and smiles when they say he is cute. He still has crystal blue eyes the color of the ocean and is such a happy and loving and busy boy. We love him so so much.









We are amazed every single day at what he learns and what he can do.  He can (almost) walk. He can talk. He is a blessing and we certainly don’t take a single day for granite. We sneak him into bed too often, give his cupcakes for breakfast sometimes, and bounce around looking like fools just to get a giggle … and we promise to never ever stop. I often let Koa know that his case of the “spoiled rotten’s” comes from having such an amazing big brother.

Sometimes just before he falls asleep in my arms I look down for a moment and think he is Wylder. I think it is Wylder in him, showing his spirit is alive and well through the love of his little brother.

Wylder's Cheese

Wylder’s Cheese

Koa's cheese

Koa’s cheese

I have so much more to update you all on … Wylder’s Christmas event for Hope kids, what is happening with the foundation and much much more. I will try and not let so much time go between writing.

I miss you Wylder. I love you so much. Thank you for your brother and making him so extra zesty and special. We will see you in our dreams littles. xoxo


  1. Cathy Johnson says:

    It is sooooo good to hear from you, Shannon. And I was just about to message you to see if all was well! Koa is just too amazing! He looks so much like his Daddy and I see Steven’s dad there, too! It makes me smile so big to see your happy faces – the love just shines! And – I am sure to my core that you are right about Wylder – just finding another incredible way to show you and Steven that he is always there for you! Now – on to all of your WNF news. I’m so happy to “have my morning coffee with you” again!

  2. Oh so cute! Her is so adorable and seems to love being cuddled. Can’t wait to read more!

  3. I loooove all the Koa pictures:) CAn he be any cuter?!

    I think of you guys all the time! We love the Laffoons!
    xoxo ,Chelsea

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