Another Beautiful Blessing

I am so excited to share with you all that Steven and I are expecting another little one on July 23rd!!  That’s right, I am pregnant!!  We feel beyond blessed as we prepare for our third arrival.



I am 20 weeks along in this pregnancy … half way there!  We know we are expecting another little BOY that is an unaffected carrier of Niemann Pick A just like Koa … so he is healthy.  There are no words, just total bliss in our house.  That means that Koa will officiall upgrade his status to both Little and Big Brother in July.  They will be 16 months apart and Wylder would have been 6 years old when this newest family member arrives.

We had fun attempting our own family photo shoot for the big announcement.  PS  Hats off to all of you amazing photographers that capture an almost 1 year old in action!  (tee hee)






We cannot wait to meet him, love on him, and watch him interact with his big brother Koa while learning about his biggest brother in Heaven.  Who will he look like?  Will he be combination of both Koa and Wylder, or will he bring on his own look all together? Will he be spicy and busy like Koa, or snuggly and cozy like Wylder?  He will be exactly who he is supposed to be and we cannot wait to have him in our arms.  What I do promise is to not take one minute for granted.  Not a minute of this pregnancy or the fact that this will be the first time will will have two children under one roof at the same time.  It is a miracle, as each of our littles have been to us.  He will be immense joy.

We know you had a big say in all of this Wylder and we thank you.  We love you and miss you so much.  Keep your brothers safe.  See you in our dreams little one.  xoxo


  1. Bristelle says:

    This is such wonderful, precious news! Congratulations to your sweet family! What a blessing! Xoxo

  2. yeah!! 3 boys, I can attest (and so can Bristelle above-she has 4 boys!) that it is AMAZING!! there is so much love in those little guys:) We love you guys and what about the gala-is the #3 going to come in or out of the womb?! hehe

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    Once again – happy, happy, happy and doing the Snoopy dance for all of you! This is such wonderful, blessed news. I am sure that Wylder has chosen another totally awesome little brother for his family! Hope to see you at the Gala! Tell your mom I will wear my dancing shoes! :) xoxoxo

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