So far on this trip there are been a plethora of beautiful moments and incredibly hard moments …. mostly beautiful moments.  Some of my favorite beautiful moments have been just swimming in the ocean with my niece and nephew and popping up to see a flower floating near by.  I cannot help to think they are all Wylder’s.  This weekend was also just beyond amazing to have so much love and family around.  When Steven and I announced we were taking Wylder James to Maui we were blown away that 15 family member  said “we will be there” … “wouldn’t miss it for the world” … there are no words for how overwhelmingly loved we felt (more Wylder working his magic).  When everyone is together … it always feels better and helped so much this weekend.  There is so much to enjoy, hear and see on the island … you cannot help but feel the love and just take in all the beauty.  This is also a home to me that makes me feel the most spiritually connected so there has been an immense amount of peace.

Monday on the other hand was an incredibly hard day.  My emotions were running high and full speed ahead.  I don’t know if it was the fact the I hadn’t cried in a few days, or maybe it was because the family was starting to leave and things were winding down and settling back in again?!  Steven and I went into town that evening and as soon as the Hawaiian music start playing the flood gates were open.  ‘What a Wonderful World’ followed by ‘Over the Rainbow’ … I used to play these songs over and over to Wylder and we would look through pictures.  So after we returned to our room and I got it all out … and Tuesday morning felt much better.  Steven was so supportive and wonderful and helped me through it.  I guess this might just be my new thing. 

(yep, wylder got his baby brown skin from his momma)

Steven and I are heading out to pattle this morning … I cannot wait (I’m a first timer).   The ocean seems even more beautiful to me now … so I cannot wait to be in it this morning.   Much love and aloha. xxoo

(wylder in maui 2 years ago … yum yum!  he loved this  mum mum rice cakes)


  1. Praying for you and Steven each day and take comfort, one day at a time, that Wylder James is with you every single moment…..he’ll always be with his Warrior Mommy and Daddy xoxoxx

  2. Connie Sauter says:

    Shannon and Steven, my heart goes out to you and I think about you every day and pray for
    God to continue to give you strength. What a touching send off you gave Wylder on his way
    to Heaven. So kind of you to share all these beautiful moments. I know Wylder is with you
    forever in your hearts.

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    Oh Shannon – how could there possibly not be days like Monday? Cherish those moments as much as you do the happy ones because they are all part of your connection to your precious boy. Each moment of joy and each one of sorrow gives even more strength to that unbreakable bond you will forever have with the Warrior. You will never stop missing him; you will simply learn to do it in a less painful way. You will never ever stop loving him and you will never forget him nor will any of us with whom you share his message. My heart aches with you and for you and all of the families whose little ones have so recently left this world. Prayers for comfort and peace and much love continue your way every day.

  4. Alicia Latta says:

    An honest, heartfelt post. Love you Shannon. Thinking about you guys.

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