A dedication from Ernest … “to our Warrior Wylder James”.  Twinkle Twinkle … well, I have no words.  Please listen and enjoy. (click on the picture below to listen)

We just know you are all going to be as moved by Ernest’s music as we are, if you don’t know of it already.  Please buy his CD at  His voice will get you through your best and worst times … it is such a pure and beautiful voice. 

Another Lullaby he sings is goodnight Keiki (baby or child in Hawaiian).  WOW.  This lullaby touches the deepest part of my heart too … makes me think of Wylder all the way! I will try and get all the words from Ernest and post it on Wylder’s website asap. Here is a small clip for now … beautiful.

Below is Ernest’s aka Da Barefoot Warrior’s code of Honor … Wylder honored these codes with all his little might. 

Warrior Code of Honor

Proud Hawaiian Society

Francis Kealoha Kamakawiwo’ole Jr

aka “The Big Blalah”

  1. A true Warrior honors his Mother, Father, and Family.
  2. A true Warrior does not participate in things that would bring shame upon his family’s name.
  3. A true Warrior will Protect and Serve his family and community.
  4. A true Warrior will stand tall & proud, yet still be humble.
  5. A true Warrior respects those who have authority over them.
  6. A true Warrior stands for Respect, Honor, and Pride.
  7. A true Warrior is responsible to set an example of Goodness & Pride for those that follow him.
  8. A true Warrior competes in fairness and works hard to bring Honor and Pride upon his family, family’s name, the Society, and his community.
  9. A true Warrior will put others ahead of himself.
  10. A true Warrior strives not only for Physical Strength but also Spiritual Strength through the service of his God.

 We got the opportunity of a life time and today (Thurs Aug 2nd) will be going with Ernest to his bith home … the island of Molokai on his boat.  We know there will be great friends, family, memories and more peace.  Much Aloha.  xoxo


  1. Aloha Steven and Shannon,
    We are so blessed to have you in our lives and only wish you all the love and support that we can share with you as your next journey begins. We loved having you on Molokai with us and we look forward to the next time.
    God Bless! Ernest and Lisa

  2. The song is absolutely beautiful!

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