Beautiful Molokai

We saw the ENTIRE beautiful island of Moloka’i in about 24 hours … WOW~  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel the island with our Puaa Ohana (family).  We were welcomed and loved on by so many auntie’s and uncles, explored Molokai’s beauty and ate home made delishes food.  The pictures say it all.

We got to Molokai on Ernest’s boat Thursday early morning.  Before we took off on the boat Ernest said a beautiful prayer and included our Warrior Wylder James to help guide our boat safely to the island (and he did).  When we arrived we met Auntie’s, Uncle’s and cousin’s galore who welcomed us with open arms into their beautiful home.

Home made pickled mango and hand picked macadamiam nuts … DELISHES!


Lookout to Kalaupapa peninsula … we also took a quick hop onto the fertility rock (tee hee)

Up country west side Molokai with the most beautiful red clay earth. (yep even momma shot a few rounds … liberating!)

BEACH.  One of the most beautiful beaches we have ever been on in our lives. White sand filled with beautiful shells that stretched on for miles and miles.  It is the longest beach on all of the Hawaiian islands …and we had it all to ourselves.  Had to do a bit of sand art for Wylder James of course. 

(Puaa daughter and boyfriend … super nice and darling couple)

(see the angel light on steven’s tummy?  hi wylder)

East side … beautiful, green and peaceful waters. You can see Maui from this side … HI MAUI! 

Turtle Island.  Have to tell you we have looked out at Molokai from Maui’s Hula Grill and Leilani’s for years and have always wondered if the little “rocks” past molokai were attached or not … now we know.  It’s turtle island (not attached :))

 Waterfall and swimming pocket.

(beautiful lisa loves her camera and photography)

 Mahalo (thank you) from the bottom of our hearts Puaa family for sharing your beautiful island/home with us and giving us more and more peace along the way.  Much Aloha. 

(bye bye Puaa family)

 We took the ferry back to Maui last night (Friday) and threw two beautiful yellow roses into the Pailolo channel for our Warrior on the way.  xxoo



  1. Nanci Glassman says:

    Such an amazing place. Beautiful beyond words.


  2. Marguerite Flores says:

    May god bless you and your family very sad time but a happy time for your little boy he is not suffering any more .may god bless you guys Mrs Marguerite charlotte nc Chip n Deanna friends.

  3. You guys are such an inspiration! All the NPD parents are. You do inspire my faith and my desire to squeeze all I hold dear much more frequently. Thank You!

  4. wow! when i first started reading i thought, I hope there are a lot of pictures and there was-i loved looking at all of them and all the beautiful things you did! I was happy to see what a wonderful day you had. how kind and loving of them to shower you with love and share their family, you deserve it. I loved the angel’s light in the picture, how beautiful. thinking of you all the time, Chelsea

  5. Stacy Scott says:

    Such amazing pics!! You and Steven have a glow about u!! U can c the love that beams out of y’all!! Thanks for sharing part the world I would never be able to c! Keep the smiles!! Xo from va

  6. You guys are just SO CUTE!! I just love it….I see so much love between the two of you. I saw it clearly that day at the coffee shop… just what amazing parents you are. The way you were with my two little ones, Ayah still talks about aunty Shannon & uncle “Steve” :) Enjoy your last day on Maui!! XO jules

  7. Cathy Johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Shannon. Stacy is right – you and Steven are glowing! I know that in some ways you are sad beyond words, but both of your faces seem to show the joy of knowing that your precious boy is free in a way he couldn’t be here. Your love for him and each other just pops out of these pictures – it is wonderful to see.

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