Sweet Home

We thoroughly enjoyed our last day in Maui and took it all in …. but I have to tell you it was so wonderful to get home sweet home.  We have ALWAYS felt that way.

We took a bit of video of the ocean right before we left Kaanapali and let one single white plumeria out to Sea. … it was beautiful.  We then headed over the the Wialea side … which is where Steven and I got married.  We had taken Wylder there 2 years ago and we felt overwhelmed with happiness that we spent a few hours at this special spot before getting on our plane ride home.  I took lots of pictures and we did some other special things for Wylder …. more picts coming soon on the next blog.


Maui has always been a special place to us …. but now feels even more extra special and we know it will forever.  The Ocean in general warms my heart more now and I feel very connected.  Although Steven and I do not know our future plans just yet and are just taking this moment by moment (like Wylder taught us to do) … we do know visits to Maui will be on our forever plans.  We hope to make Whale season our time of year to visit whenever feasible.  As we headed for the airport yesterday I could see Steven was watching me like  bomb … I think he did not know where or what my emotions would do.  Sometimes the strangest things will trigger my emotions and other times even I surprise myself with my strength and ability to talk about it.  I think the fear of NOT talking about Wylder and his legacy gives me so much strengh to share with others how special Wylder James really is.  We were mostly both just pretty quiet heading home, partially because we were so tired, and partially because sometimes there are just no words.

Gran picked us up from the airport and Maddie was in the car … she was wriggling away with excitement … it was so wonderful to see and snuggle on her.

When we got back home I was very happy that we had gotten all of the medical stuff OUT before we left!  It just felt like home … and filled with love.  Wylder’s things don’t make me sad … they make me happy.  And although there have been overwhelming moments … talking about him and feeling him makes me happy, NOT sad.  Once we walked in the door we were then hit with the face with the fact that both of our air conditioners were broken and it was SOOOO hot.  As we began to get overwhelmed and call repair people frantically we just stopped and really looked around.  Our home was sparkly clean, there were home cooked meals in the frig from Gran and Sabrina, fresh flowers on the island, the pool and yard were totally clean (thanks to doc and lex) and then we were just totally overwhelmed by the loved ones in our life.  We felt loved and we felt like we were home sweet home.  I was not as overwhelmed with emotions as I suspected I would be … just happiness and gratefulness that our home is filled with as much love as it is.   We got this note in Maui and I hung it on Wylder’s wishing tree yesterday …

We had our AC repaired last night and we just need that baby to get  us threw about 6 more weeks of summer (toes crossed).  Steven is back to work and I spent the day with my dear friend Alexa.  I am so lucky to have such amazing friends that know just the right things to say and do.  It was so comforting to have her by my side even for the simplest of things like the grocery store run.  It is wonderful to be home. xxoo


  1. We continue to be with you, Steven and your wonderful family always, Shannon….Sweet Wylder’s legacy will resound every single day….he touched so many of us in so many unique ways…..I was in my backyard this afternoon after work, and the biggest butterfly flew right at my face….startled me for a second, but my first thought was “that reminds me of Wylder’s cool butterfly project and when he released them.”

    Glad you’re home….one day and moment at a time…we all love you! xoxox

  2. Adriana Klas says:

    I think I say it every time I leave a comment, but you two really are amazing and I feel so grateful and lucky that you share your stories and emotions here… You are such a wonderful writer and such an inspiration that just get teary eyed every time I read your posts. Your words are beautiful and I am lucky to read them and incorporate them into my everyday life. I love you so much and cannot wait to give you such a big squeeze! XOXO

  3. i am so happy you are home and so cozy in your familly’s love. i love talking about Trek too, it gives me peace and makes me feel connected to him. xoxo

  4. Cathy Johnson says:

    So happy that you are home and feeling so safe and secure there. Love is the greatest healer of all!

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