As I mentioned in the last blog, our last few hours on Maui were spent on the Wailea side.  We walked all around the beautiful grounds and then found a small private beach area where we could rinse out Wylder’s Urn together.  It was nice to have the quiet and be by ourselves for this.

We of course went to the Chapel where Steven and I were married in 2007 and where we took our Warrior in 2010.  It was such a special way to end our Maui trip.


We are continuing to settle in at home and find our new “normal”.  We have not found it yet as we have been very busy planning Wylder’s Celebration of Life coming up on the 25th and dealing with lots of little mishaps like broken AC units, cars, and TV’s.  Planning Wylder’s celbration has been very therapeutic as we have been going through so many pictures, finding the right quotes, words etc for speeches, meeting with friends and family and running errands together after Steven is off of work each night.  Busy is good for us right now … I suppose our new “normal” will be found a bit later down the road (especially mine).  xxoo


  1. The back-to-back pictures of Wylder in front of the Church literally took my breath away. Surreal. Praying for you and Steven each day. Take comfort that Mr. Littles is keeping a close eye on Mommy and Daddy from Heaven….xoxoxoxox

  2. Tracey McFadden says:

    The picture of Wylder in front of the church is so beautiful!!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Treasure all the little moments that made memories.”Normal” will slowly come.

  4. love the pictures, so beautiful, i am glad you got this time and made it happen. my favorite pictures are the one of cute little Wylder though! he is too precious, I will miss his sweet face, feel free to continue posting pictures of him all the time! xoxo

  5. Aw, the Grand Wailea. It certainly sets a magnificent setting for memories of a lifetime. Glad to hear that it went so well for you and your family.

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