Shark Week

Shark week has always been a big deal in our home … let me be honest … I am, and always have been complete OBSESSED with sharks. “Hooper drives the boat Chief”.   I don’t know if it is fear alone or what gets me about them most …. maybe it is just their intrinsic nature and SUPER creepiness factor.  So when SHARK WEEK approaches each year our TV is going … we are hooked.  Wylder too was completely up to date on all facts about sharks and owned a multitude of books about them, saw them at the aquariums in Denver and Phoenix and has a few snuggle stuffed shark friends.  As many of you know just last halloween Wylder James was JAWS himself.   

Shark week now also makes me smile for a different reason … it is how we came up with the name Wylder.   We had actually picked three boy names and three girl names before he was born … we did not find out gender when I was pregnant.  It was so fun not knowing!  It kept us busting at the seams wondering who we would be meeting the day he was born (I new in my heart it was a boy the whole time).   All of our boy names were very unconventional and our girl names were simply angelic … but we new we wanted to meet our littles before finalizing his or her name.  We heard the name Wilder on shark week in 2007.  Nope, you did not misread what I just typed … there was a 3 year old boy Wilder Ferreira on shark week who actually went into a cage with his dad Cragi Ferreira and swam with Great Whites.  He was an intrinsically awesome surfer kid and the name totally stuck with us!  I tried to find the clip of him on the Internet but is seems it upset people that this child Wilder was in the cage, so they pulled it?!  So you can just picture a brown skinned, sun bleached haired, fearless child … with a super cool name.  Wylder James (james is my grandfather’s name) was actually second on our list for our Warrior before we met him … we were sure he was going to be Beech Preston … but when we saw him, his beautiful face and that hair …. well, welcome to the world WYLDER JAMES.

(his first photo EVER)

(a most perfect name for a most perfect baby)

We decided to spell our Warrior’s name with a Y instead of the I, only because I think it is more fun to write y’s :).  So let Shark Week on discovery channel this year bring both a bit of eduction and smile to your homes too. xxoo



  1. Dedicting “Shark Week” to the absolute cutest of all fishies……Wylder James xoxoxoxo I love the story behind his name!

  2. i LOVE this story, if you have more children it will be fun to tell them of their awesome big brother who was not afraid of anything, even sharks. xoxo. and yes those pictures of him are so precious, i love the one of steven holding little newborn Wylder-perfection.

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    Love the story, Shannon – thank you for sharing – both the story and the pictures. Wylder was as tough as any shark I have ever seen! xoxo

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