Warrior Baby Book

Wylder’s baby book is filled with simple words and BIG reminders … and is officially available to buy TODAY.  I am over the moon!  I literally have to keep pinching myself, that it is here … just as I had dreamed.   I am working on getting it on WylderJames.com … but it is available now at amazon for $12.00.

As most of you know, I had written this at first only for my Wylder.  As a way of sharing with him how amazing his lessons are, how they have impacted so many, and just how loved and special of a boy he really is.  I am so proud of how it has manifested itself into so much more … and will continue to help others. Wylder James, we did it bud! 

It is a book I written with love … and in a few short words, Wylder’s message is loud and clear. I hope to get WARRIOR BABY in every Children’s Hospital across our country and bookstores nation wide.  If any of you Wylder Nation Warriors can and want to help … please let me know!  Ellen Show?  Matt Lawer?  Anyone listening?  Let us all remember Wylder forever … the one who made a difference.  With hope always, mommy of a WARRIOR



  1. Cathy Johnson says:

    I just ordered my first copy from Amazon! Can’t wait to get it and share with my g-babies! Thank you, Shannon – this is a beautiful tribute to Wylder and, according to the reviews on Amazon, a wonderful message for all. :)

  2. I can think of no greater tribute to Warrior Wylder James…..I think this is such an amazingly selfless act of love for the whole world, when I know you and Steven are hurting at the same time. You are incredible Shannon….truly inspirational, and this is such a wonderful, and endless way to keep Wylder’s message of love and hope alive forever. xoxox

  3. just ordered mine!!! can’t wait to read it, I had it sent to my parents so she can stick it in the next box she sends to us. xoxo

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