Lessons From A Warrior

The September issue of Images AZ Magazine is out and our Warrior’s lessons are proudly displayed in an article.  Please check it out entire article at www.imagesaz.com

Amanda Larson’s ‘Lessons from a Warrior’ poem is beautifully displayed with pictures of our littlest.  Amanda read this beautiful poem at Wylder’s Celebration last weekend … and truly, every words resonates so deep with me.  It is as though she took all my thoughts and put them elequintly into words on a piece of paper. 

Making us so proud Wylder James.  Continuing to make a difference, reminding us all to LIVE out our dreams and we feel you everywhere.  Thank you Amanda Larson, Shelly Spence and everyone at AZ Images Magazine for publishing this beautiful piece.


  1. An absolute stunning masterpiece! Wow, Amanda! You captured it so eloquently. I love the poem superimposed upon that precious and poignant picture of Mr. Littles. Amazing what this sweet three year-old did for the world….thank you buddy xoxoxox

  2. Alice Daxon says:

    “BEAUTIFUL” ……

    Hope you are both keeping well!

    Alice (Canada)

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    I am speechless. Such beautiful thoughts and words. You must cry and smile each time you read it., Shannon. Perfect!

  4. oh Shannon, what a beautiful poem and such potent words of truth. they gave me some peace about Trek, especially the part that says they are not gone only changed and that time is only our invention. who wrote this for Wylder? it is a precious gift.

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