I’m on a Mission

Steven and I learned of three babies diagnosed with Niemann Pick A since Wylder’s memorial.  I sobbed!  One little one in Russia and two here in the US, all girls.  I took my anger and sorrow and tried my darn-dest to shine a positive light …. oh my, what happened next was borderline catastrophe!  I had dreams ….

I dreamt of more children’s books.  I dreamt of cures and options.  I dreamt of making Wylder Nation BIG … I mean HUGE … Susan G. Komen big. I dreamt of sponsors and concerts.  I dreamt of making a difference.  Oh boy!  Then I stopped dreaming (and sleeping for that matter) and now, I’m on a mission.  Out of my comfort zone, but excited.  I think we have always had these sort of  dreams, but making those sort of dreams a reality felt overwhelming.  Now nothing feels overwhelming, and everything seems possible with my Wylder.

I am working on a mission statement instead of “regular” job applications now.  Certain things just don’t feel right and others have so much more value to me now … and others are magnified to a dangerous level.  I think the missions statement will read something like this … The power of Wylder will change the world.  Thoughts?  Experiences and people like Wylder magnify the WHO in who we are.  I have always been what Steven refers to as heart heavy … I love to lead with my heart (who needs head, okay … so maybe a little head).  Now that has been magnified.  I have BIG dream and i WILL fulfill them.  In someways I long more now than ever for simplicity.  I am tired of “the wheel”, the rate race, the big cars, the big house … bikes and the beach sound better than ever.  And in other ways I long to have as much impact in my life as my Warrior did in his.  (are you all exhausted just from reading my enthusiasm?)


Many of you have asked how the book sales are going (thank you).  SO far so GREAT!  I know as much as I am NOT a sales person, this book is does not need to be pushed …. only introduced.  Warrior baby is in three comminity books stores in AZ (including the store where the TWILIGHT series came to fruition) and I am working with the  I am enjoying meeting new people and sharing my Warrior.  Passion and doing what is right in your heart … well the rest will follow.  I have realised in this last few weeks that it is a lot more work than I originally suspected.  Getting the shipping and packaging down to a reasonable cost was task in an of itself and I am now a regular friendly face at our local post office.  I learn more each day.  I have also learned I cannot spread Wylder’s lessons with this book alone.  You all are AMAZING and have been helping so much!  Even just my motivating me with your positive messages and many of you have contacted local hospitals etc.  GOTTA LOVE THAT WYLDER NATION!  If any of you are interested I have created a link logo you can add to your website (company or personal) that can link to Wylder’s page or book itself.  Please let me know if you are interested.  I desperately want to write more books, and share more and more lessons from my sweetest littles.  But I don’t want to get a head of myself so my focus now is spreading the word.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one day all of the Warrior baby book profits went to Wylder’s Research Fund … dreaming big!

Very philosophical blog today.  More lighter ones coming :)

Parent in the here and now all and enjoy your weekend with your loved ones.  I read this somewhere today and found it oh so fitting …

If your dreams don’t scare you … they arn’t big enough!  xoxo



  1. I’m so proud of you Shannon…..yes, the mission begins and we are it complete support to make it all happen for Sweet Wylder James who made so much happen for us. xoxoxox

  2. Dream big and turn those dreams into reality! It is always amazing what our little ones can teach us, even after they are gone.

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    Awesome dreams, Shannon! Know that you will have the support of so many as you move forward. Please let us know how we can help!

  4. i am so proud of you Shannon if anyone can make Wylder’s life even more amazing and full of purpose it is you. I cannot wait to see what all you come up with. my heart is so broken for the new littles dying from NPA-I hate it so much. you are right we are secretly on the same wavelength:) xoxo

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