Flying High

I was downloading and organizing some photos and found these para-sailing pictures from Maui.  On our second to last day on the island we took our niece and nephew … flying high just above where we had let Wylder’s ashes go just a few days earlier.  The last time Steven and I parasailed was together 11 years ago in Maui, I am happy we did it again!

me and caitlyn with beautiful maui in the background

Best quotes from that day were from Tyler.  As the first adventures went up, up and away he turned to uncle boot and I and asked … are we going to do that?  Uncle boot replied; Yep, we sure are buddy.  Tyler:  This is going to be the best day ever!  …

Here goes T and Uncle Boot

smile big!

Then after the big land uncle boot asked tyler “was your favorite part being dipped in the water?” Tyler: “No, I think my favorite part was bring so high up in the air”.  PRICELESS!

getting dipped

so high!!

It was soo quiet and serene that high up in the air … no noise at all, just beauty. Oh, beautiful Maui. I am glad we choose to do this adventure with Caitlyn and Tyler … as Steven and I would have just been a hot mess had it just been the two of us together.  This kept is light and so meaningful.

auntie awesome and caitlyn

I am so proud of ALL of our nieces and nephews.  We have learned about school presentations they have put together all by themselves to share their cousin Wylder’s journey with their friends.  Madi and BoBo took the book to school and showed it off proudly. They are aspiring to do great things and are so much more resilient than adults.  We love you so much!  xoxo


  1. Children have the power to touch the world in wonderful ways, but you already know that with Wylder.

  2. hehe, I love all your family names-best one-Auntie Awesome! you truly are! i am so glad you did this too-how fun. the boys wanted to do this so bad when we lived there, guess we will have to go back:)

  3. Cathy Johnson says:

    Auntie Awesome with the awesome nieces and nephews. Children have sooooo much to teach us! Love that you had this wonderful experience, Shannon!

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