When we were in Hawaii, Steven got me a very special gift … it is a mommy turtle and a baby turtle necklace and it is both absolutely beautiful and meaningful.  The turtle shell on the necklace is Koa wood … Koa is the largest endemic tree in Hawaii and exists naturally nowhere else in the world. It was historically used to create carved, ocean-going canoes.  The wood itself symbolize; brave, bold, fearless and warrior … how perfectly appropriate for my Wylder James.

The symbol of the turtle itself represents family.  The hawaiian name for turtle is ‘honu’ and they represent hawaiian ancestral bloodlines as  ‘aumãkua,’ a families guardian or omen of  good luck.   Honu, also symbolizes the navigator and the ablility to find its way home time and time again.  So this necklace I will forever cherish.  What a special, meaningful and thoughtful gift for me to proudly wear around my neck.  The mommy turtle and a baby turtle swimming side by side is SO me and wylder … a forever bond. (picts of us in maui 2010)

We would like to plant our own koa tree in our yard??!!  Will have to do a bit of research to see how they do in AZ heat :)

I have always loved all animals of the ocean with a particular favorite animal of all time being the humpback whale.  Now that I know the meaning of the turtle I have a little soft spot for those little guys and gals too.   I miss the ocean … a drive to see cali family soon just to get a glimpse of the big blue seems like it is in my very near future.  It is amazing how both steven and I have always had such a love for the ocean … but now, wow, our bond feels even more incredible.  It is such a tranquil and beautiful thing, to hear the waves and see its beauty.  Forever tied to the ocean, my baby and me.

Wylder playing in the sand just after his 1st bday

I am keeping a close eye on updates from the pacific whale foundation to see if our Wylder the Whale has made his way back to ths island?  I hope we can take a quick trip to the island in February and see of glimpse of him ourselves, traveling through the channel.  Did I tell you you can adopt him (wylder the whale) for only 25 dollars?  What a fun gift idea for kids and it helps keep him save.  Their is no limit to the number of people that can adopt wylder the whale.  The standard adoption Package ($25) includes: • Personalized Adoption Certificate with photo of your adopted whale • Story of your adopted whale (and our wylder) • Map of sightings of your whale

Click on the following like to adopt Wylder the Whale for yourself You can also adopt a turtle or other creatures from the pacific whale foundation you would like.

Signing off with a splash, from AZ! xoxo



  1. Steven is an amazing Warrior Daddy! That is necklace is stunning, and I agree, so meaningful!

  2. Brenda Bowling says:

    Your story made me smile (as always). What a beautiful and thoughtful gift from your husband! Wylder will live forever in beautiful memories!

  3. Nanci Glassman says:

    Awesome necklace. Just perfect!!

  4. i love your necklace, so beautiful. so excited for your california trip and I hope you get to go to Maui in Feb. too. whale season is my favorite!!! xoxo

  5. Cathy Johnson says:

    What a perfect reminder of your precious boy! What a loving and thoughtful gift, Steven! Shannon, I know that every minute you wear this beautiful token you will be loving on both of your boys! xoxo

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