Niemann Pick Awareness Month

October is here and it is officailly Niemann Pick awareness month.  Ironic that today the PACIFIC WHALE FOUNDATION announced their First Maui Humpback Whale Sighting of the season??!!   I think not … hi Wylder!!! We miss you little one.

Please help raise awareness for a disease that does not get enough by sharing our Warrior’s story with someone.  How about the Ellen show??  Below is our video tribute to our littlest one to share with others and truly remember a warrior.

remebering a warrior video

Wylder’s WARRIOR BABY books are also a great gift for kids both healthy and persevering … and another great way to raise awareness this month continuing to share Wylder’s story.  Please get one for the loved ones in your life by clicking on the photo below;

I bought our usual fairy tale pumpkins to decorate the house for the fall season today.  They are my favorite pumpkins of all time, and brighten our home.  That being said … it was still definitely a rough day.  Traveling though stores full of costumes is hard … but I will continue to carry wylder in my heart and stay strong.  I saw a kiddo today that just could not decide between two costumes … I bought him both.  Told him it was from my son Wylder.  Please do the same for others and keep paying it forward … raise awareness this month and always.   xxoo



  1. Adriana Klas says:

    You are so amazing and inspiring!

  2. Cathy Johnson says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Adriana! Shannon, it is my privilege to share the stories of our NPD babies. It has been my experience that every time I tell a Wylder story or a Trek or Kaitlyn story, the listener is moved beyond just “hearing me out”. They are truly touched by these very special messengers of love. I know of several who now follow the blogs not just as new friends, but to keep current with research developments on a disease they had never heard of before. I truly do enjoy my morning coffee sessions with all of you! xoxo

  3. Shannon, you continue to inspire and amaze, and I’m most certain it’s Sweet Wylder who is always whispering the continued inspiration in your ear. I LOVE the Pay-It-Forward-For-Wylder idea and am honored to do so for him. xoxoxox

  4. awww Shannon! I am dying about you buying him 2 costumes-they will talk about you for weeks that family! I hope you and Steven are doing well, I think of you all often. I cannot wait to read our wylder book-just have to have it sent to Thailand now:) xoxo

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